Replica Sabers

Replica Sabers


      There is really good news for Star Wars fanatics. Instead of spending large amounts of cold cash on Star Wars Lightsaber replicas. You can now buy them at reasonable prices. Dual Saber allows people of all ages to enjoy their most wanted Star Wars best lightsaber replicas.

      It is no mystery that once the replicas are announced at Disney they are immediately sold out. Another thing is, getting your hands on a good replica is expensive. That is why we offer you an unforgettable experience with the best perks.

      How about you buy replicas from a reliable source like ours and get the same experience? Dual Saber offers you a chance to buy your favourite character blade at a budget friendly price. We also offer mix and match. So the kids can play around and create their own designs.

      However, since this is about replicas we create designs that look exactly like the real movie props.  Our use of high technology is commendable. Furthermore, you get to choose between several kinds of lightsaber materials without boring a hole in your wallets. For the  replica blade you can choose between RGB and neopixel lights.

      The thing is that you not only want to enjoy an aesthetic product but also a durable one. For that reason we offer officially branded products that can tolerate all kinds of smacking.

      Our aim is to offer you a firsthand Disney Star Wars theme park experience. While browsing through our website you will notice that we offer several customization options. Character specific designs like Kylo Ren and Luke Skywalker have the same hilt design with changes in the blade. That makes it all the more easier to shop with us for the best replica for sale.

      Despite being named replicas. Dual Saber uses realistic kyber lightsaber replica blades that are a force. Due to the realistic lightning and sound motion effects the experience is no less than the original Star Wars lightsaber duels. 

      Check out our Galaxy and Black series lightsabers. They are quite a catch and not easily available everywhere!

      A New Level of Authenticity: Why Replica Lightsabers Matter

      We understand that replicas have gained popularity. So much so, because the fandom wants to hold the same lightsaber as the characters they idolise. Although you cannot get the plasma filled props that could melt through anything. We offer you the closest experience.

      Each hilt design is unique and prepared with great care. Additionally, you can add your personal touch to the replica lightsabers. The best part is that our accustomed replica lightsabers can be attached to a number of blades.

      You will be delighted to find the same design as the Star Wars characters. Only with better motion effects and sound fonts but more. Get ready to test your super bright blade lights with 12 color options. In our best selling KR and Princess original replica lightsaber collection.

      Dual Sabers prides itself in bringing you lightsabers with intricate designs. All the perfectionists can rest back and breathe easy because most of our lightsabers are attached to shatter proof high grade polycarbonate blades and high quality sound boards. Enough to put a smile on Star Wars perfectionist fandom.

      How Durability in Replica Lightsabers Stands Apart

      There is certainly one advantage that replica lightsabers have over others. It is the closeness of the design. That also means they are just as durable. You can strike with might and not be scared of shattering the blade glass.

      If you are really in for a strong duel and also want to enjoy what we have to offer. Then check out our Heron Double Bladed Saber and KR Original Replicas. They are not only convertible. More so, they offer multiple blade attachments for strikes and deflecting the blasts. 

      For a double bladed saber we offer connectors with the lightsaber. So you do not have to go looking for it somewhere else.

      Besides, you cannot brag about a good duel if you have not tried our various ignition and blade modes offered in replica lightsabers. They enhance the experience and help you get in the mood. Dual Saber uses advanced technology that is easily programmable via SD card.

      Displaying Your Lightsaber: Additional Accessories for Replica Lightsabers

      Whether you are buying the replica lightsabers because you have an already growing collection or you are into cosplaying. You have come to the right place.

      If you want to lead the Mandalorians to the battle then better choose from our durable replica collection. If not, you can also enjoy the lightweight lightsabers that are for display purpose only. Although our durable lightsabers are equally aesthetic. Consisting of polished hilts and rounded blades. Why not have both?

      Since Dual Sabers is a website that houses all. You can browse for the lightsabers accessories for convenience. The accessories are  durable and premium. To make your journey easier we offer connectors, stands and cases. Backup blades and hilts are also available with long lasting battery and high responsive hilt extensions.

      Conclusion: Why You Should Choose Replica Lightsabers for the Ultimate Lightsaber Experience

      Dual Sabers prides itself on inviting you to feel as close to your Star Wars moments as you want. The replicas are a chance to relive the original movie moments. Perhaps you can create your additions to it.

      Come experience Star Wars with us in a reliable and a convenient way. We guarantee you good products with longevity and high durability. What's better is that we value your feedback and satisfaction! 

      From our years of experience we can tell that replica lightsabers and our offers are not something you want to miss on.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      What are the best replica lightsabers?

      Our EB, KR and Princess original replicas have a record of holding the highest reviews and customer satisfaction. If you are sceptical about buying replicas then now is your chance to try. With additional sound fonts and motion sensors.

      Where to buy lightsabers replicas?

      Dual Saber offers the best replica lightsabers for sale at budget friendly prices and the best combination of materials. Our replica lightsabers serve multiple purposes to all age group Star Wars fans.

      Who is the best lightsaber wielder?

      Obi Wan Kenobi and Count Dooku are considered to be one of the greatest swordsmen in Star Wars history. Count Dooku was able to master, form 3, Makashi combating technique. Although Form 7 masters are said to be unbeatable in this regard as well.

      What is the most common lightsaber color?

      Blue lightsabers are the most common lightsabers that you will spot. From the beginning of the Star Wars series blue has represented the light side of the force. Additionally, many notable Star Wars characters began their journeys with a blue lightsaber. Check out Dual Saber blue color blades to join the Star Wars family!