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Our website's signature name is: "Dual Sabers"

Our Do's and Don'ts of Private Data Collection 


Every comment made by a user on the website is scrutinized for the following metrics:

  1. Comment content; to extract feedback and analyze the comment.
  2. User's IP address; to detect location
  3. Browser user-agent; to detect spambots

Every user's email address leaves anonymized strings called hash which our website shares with the third-party service Gravatar. The service uses this information solely to detect if the email address is still active. Gravatar's privacy policy can be found at

Once approved, all content of your comment and your profile picture will be visible to other users that access the website.


We advise all users against uploading a special type of image that comes in the "EXIF GPS" format. These images are embedded with location and can be exploited by black hat visitors and compromise your location privacy.

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In case you use our website with an account, your browser will give you the option to save the credentials. If selected, the option then saves your login information in cookies for one year and exists only to help you log in to our website without having to re-enter the details.

Every time you use our website, it uses cookies which help it assess browser compatibility. These cookies do not collect any personal data and do not carry any privacy risks. All cookies are immediately discarded as soon as the browser is closed.

When you log in through account identification, the website utilizes multiple cookies to periodically save your login information. In the first type, the login cookies are only stored for 48 hours and then discarded. In case you check the "Remember Me" option during your login, your credentials are saved for a fortnight and then discarded wholly.  

When you publish or edit a piece of content, such as your comment, an additional cookie is generated automatically. This cookie is benign and responsible solely for holding the post ID for the content. It expires automatically after 24 hours of creation.

Embedded Content

Many blog posts on our website contain embedded content, including videos, images, and articles from third-party websites. This embedded content acts on the metrics and data collection policies of third-party websites. Hence, these websites can also set up different cookies, collect data, monitor consumer behavior and even include a third-party tracking system.

Security of Data

Our website incorporates all forms of modern security protocols to protect every user's privacy. While we employ multiple layers of security features to shield user data against online attacks, phishing, malicious intrusion, and data theft, some advanced vulnerabilities still persist. We do not warrant any guarantee for thorough data security and immunity against breaches. Your user data is still as vulnerable as the user data on any other website.


Our website uses third-party service providers that help us monitor digital behavior on our platform.

How Long Do We Archive your Data 

All comments made on the website and the meta-data attached to them are saved indefinitely. This is stored to recognize and quickly approve any comments made as a follow-up.

Account Sign-ups that are completed by entering personal information including email and password, are stored on our servers. This data may be edited, perused, or discarded at any time in the future, excluding the username set by the user.

User Rights Over Personal Data

In case a user wants a list of personal information pieces stored by the website, they can request a complete file. We will send you an exported file including all data pieces our company holds in its database and servers. A user can also request the removal of some personal information if they deem it necessary. However, we hold the right to only oblige to such requests to the extent our administrative, legal, and security needs are not compromised.

Sharing of Data

To process your order at the highest efficiency, our company shares some of your personal data with different third-party services. We use Google Analytics to evaluate and monitor our customer service, which requires us to share your data with the service. The privacy policy of Google Analytics can be found here:

You can choose to opt-out of such data sharing and services here:

Role of Service Providers

Our service providers are third-party entities and companies that our website works with. These providers are essential for conducting multiple important tasks for the efficient working of our website. Moreover, they will also have access to different points of user data as needed for the completion of their responsibilities. Any wrongdoing committed by these third parties will be the sole responsibility of those parties and not of our company. We also use external CI/CD tools that help us automate our website's development needs.

Behavioral Remarketing

Some of our services may be remarketed on third-party websites following your visits to our website. These third-party websites sift through different information and target ads to you as per your previous digital behavior. However, you can choose to opt-out of such targeted marketing through the following links:

For Facebook

For Google

For Bing us/resources/policies/personalized-ads


Some third-party services are also used for payment processing. We never store the payment processing details when a customer checks out. All the information pertaining to the payment card only remains in direct contact with the third-party payment service. These third-party services are highly regulated and process all transactions under a strict monetary privacy policy. The policy includes all the standards set by the PCI-DSS (PCI Security Standards Council). This is a regulated institution formed for the secure running of all major card companies, including Visa, MasterCard, American Express, and Discover.

Hypertext Linking to Other Sites

Some content on our website may include hypertext links that direct you to another site. We are not liable for the consequences of actions taken on the redirected websites. All users assume full responsibility for their privacy and protection when browsing these other websites. We strongly recommend referring to their privacy policy before taking any important action.  

Children's Privacy

Our services are not offered to children under the age of 14. In case you suspect a child below this age requirement using our website, report it to the company. 

Changes to This Privacy Policy

The company holds the right to amend and update this privacy policy in the future as deemed necessary. We recommend you refer to the online portal to stay updated with the latest changes in our policies. While we send emails or other forms of notice in case of a prominent change in our privacy policy, we are not obligated to notify any change to the users. 

Contact Information 

Our users can find out more about this privacy policy by emailing us at

 “Our company is committed to providing modern products with the highest standards of quality and customer service. With an emphasis on client satisfaction, we ensure candid communication about our products to all our customers.”