Best Lightsaber Black Friday Sale 2023


Black Friday Sale 2023

This year, on Black Friday, lightsaber sales will be higher than ever. And if you want to take advantage of the Black Friday deal in the most effective way possible, you should get a new lightsaber. The question that arises at this juncture is: Where exactly can one locate lightsabers at the most affordable prices?Do not be anxious; we are here to assist in relieving some of  your strain. If you have a hankering for a lightsaber, scroll down and you'll find the best ones at the best prices.

Lightsaber enthusiasts, prepare to be astounded by the unbelievable price at which DUAL SABER offers your ideal lightsabers.


Black Friday 2023 has arrived, and to celebrate, DUAL SABERS is excited to bring you some of the most alluring black friday lightsaber deals of 2023  DUAL SABERS is here to help you save cash on your Christmas shopping by providing the most cutting-edge lightsabers, which are also the most effective for duelling and cosplay, at discounted prices. From RGB lightsabers to Neopixel or proffie lightsabers, we have all of the replicas that you could possibly need in order to have the best possible experience.

Now is the time to purchase your ideal lightsaber from DUAL SABERS, at a spectacular discount.


This year, DUAL SABERS is offering some fantastic discounts on some of the top lightsabers on the market. Here are some of the greatest Black Friday discounts to keep an eye out for if you are interested in purchasing a new lightsaber or just want to update the one you already own. 

If you are eager to get started, then why delay it any longer? Get a jump on your Black Friday shopping by making a list now and preparing to save big on a lightsaber.

Fans of lightsabers, brace yourselves: DUAL SABERS on black friday 2023 is selling the best lightsabers on the market at an incredible price.


There is a wide variety of lightsabers available; making it easy to find the one that best suits your needs. The collection includes lightsabers of varying designs, including those shown in the Star Wars movies as well as some that can't be found anywhere else.

Take a look at these top 5 discounts on lightsabers; you won't want to miss out! This is your chance to show off your lightsaber skills at a snip of a price.


If you're seeking for a lightsaber that can withstand severe combat, look no farther than an RGB lightsaber. RGB lightsabers are the best lightsabers for intense duelling because they have all of the features that you need in a lightsaber. They have strong blades that can take a lot of damage, comfortable hilts that won't slip out of your hand, and they look super cool. This Black Friday, almost every RGB lightsaber will be on sale at a significant discount, allowing you to save a lot of money. 

Here is a list of the top five RGB lightsabers that are currently on sale for the Black Friday sale.




On Black Friday, you can get a high-quality lightsaber that's stocked with exciting features while saving a significant amount of money. In all seriousness, nothing else could possibly be desired by anyone! There is a discount of $35 available for this incredible RINGER lightsaber. Don't let this incredible offer go through your fingers!

This lightsaber comes with a plethora of incredible options. Below is the list of some of the features that distinguish apart this particular lightsaber from others:

  • RGB LED with a power output of 50 Watts and 12 distinct lighting modes
  • The Smooth Swing function produces a sound that is seamless and swings smoothly, which makes the experience more enjoyable.
  • Extremely potent and long-lasting 92 cm long polycarbonate blade
  • A lithium-ion battery that can be removed, replaced, and recharged is the device's source of power, and it has a very long lifespan
  • This particular model of lightsaber is an identical replica of the one that Luke Skywalker wielded.

Feel the excitement of the battle ratcheted up even more with mind-blowing visual effects. You simply cannot have a complete collection of lightsabers without RINGER.



On this year's Black Friday, DUAL SABER is offering an incredible discount on this extremely high-quality lightsaber. If you buy this lightsaber right now, you can save $35.

This magnificent KYBER CRYSTALITE lightsaber has features like incredibly vibrant RGB LEDs with 12 different lighting modes to choose from, and a stunning blade for combat. It features illuminated components on the handle and an awesome display stand, much like in the movie.

This lightsaber comes with a plethora of incredible options. Below is the list of some of the features that distinguish apart this particular lightsaber from others:

  • It comes with a polycarbonate blade that is 92 centimeters long and may be used for duelling with ease.
  • 50 Watt RGB LED Super Bright Light with 12 Different Light Presets
  • It has a double blade that is both sturdy and impervious to breaking
  • The seamless swinging sound provided by the smooth swing feature greatly improves the overall brilliance of this lightsaber
  • A lithium-ion which is replaceable or rechargeable will keep you going for a long time.

The purchasing of a lightsaber could not have come at a more opportune time than it has right now.. You had better not procrastinate if you want to get your hands on the item that you really want.




Do not look any further than this beautiful lightsaber if you are in search of an outstanding weapon that not only has all the functions you may want but also helps you save money. This legendary SPIDER lightsaber is currently $45 cheaper than usual. Get this lightsaber if you wish to impress your fellow combatants with a spectacular duel.

Incredibly, this lightsaber has a wide variety of awesome features to choose from. Some of what makes this lightsaber special are listed below:

  • The polycarbonate blade is 92 centimeters and is of duel grade, making it an excellent choice for combat.
  • The hilt is made of a strong but lightweight aluminum alloy.
  • Easily removable lithium ion battery with a capacity of 3600 mAh, allowing you to spend an entire day in cosplay without needing to recharge.
  • Ideal for intense duels
  • It allows for the creation of double-bladed lightsabers by simply connecting two single ones.
  • Realistic Sound Effects That Are Triggered by Motion

What else could a lightsaber user possible desire? If you are fortunate to get a hold of SPIDER, your time spent out in the battlefield will be much enhanced.




On Black Friday, everyone will be fortunate to get a lightsaber that is both of fantastic quality and comes packed with outstanding features for a price that is significantly lower than it would normally be. What else does somebody need! This BONE Lightsaber was previously available for the price of $139; but, on this Black Friday, it will just cost $94. Therefore, put aside $45 right away so that you can get this incredible lightsaber and blow everyone away.

 Its details include:

  • Polycarbonate blade with a length of 92 centimeters
  • a hilt that is indestructible and fashioned of shiny aluminium alloy
  • a variety of ignition and blade modes
  • RGB LED with 12 presets
  • Double blade support

What else might it be conceivable for a user with a lightsaber to want? If you can get your hands on BONE, your time spent in the field will be significantly more enjoyable.


On the occasion of black Friday, DUAL SABER is currently providing such an incredible discount for their various lightsabers.We offer Neopixel Lightsabers, which, in comparison to conventional in-hilt LED sabres, have a broader variety of functions, shine brighter, and contain components that are more technologically sophisticated. If you want a set of lightsabers that goes well with your cosplay, Neopixel lightsabers are a good option to consider. Neo pixel blades are a specific variety of light saber blades that include LED lights into the design of the blade itself. 

These neopixels come with a wide variety of cutting-edge features, some of which are as follows:

  • Ultra-bright light produced by a 50-watt RGB Neopixel strip, including an endless variety of colours and effects
  • Neopixel lightsabers are packed with an ultra-bright RGB neopixel strip that can display an endless range of colours.
  • The blades of these lightsabers are made of removable polycarbonate and feature a specific surface that filters out excess light, they are ideally suited for battles that are particularly intense.
  • These lightsabers have speakers that can be adjusted to varying degrees of volume.
  • The incredible realism of the lightsabers' sound effects allows for a truly immersive and exciting experience.
  • These lightsabers feature a frosted solid hilt made of aluminium alloy.

Why are you stalling? You can get a neopixel lightsaber with all of these incredible upgrades for a low price right now. Now is the time to buy.


On this year's Black Friday, a variety of neopixel lightsabers are available at reduced prices; the full list may be found here. Check out these options, and then pick the one that best meets the requirements 




On Black Friday, you can save money while purchasing a lightsaber of exceptional quality and with numerous extras. What else could a person possibly want?

On Black Friday, you can get this lightsaber PREXEUM for just $184, down from its regular $239 price. As a result, begin saving $55 right away to purchase this fantastic lightsaber and impress everyone.

Blade scrolling effects, blade animations, blaster bolt deflect, unstable blade effects, and so on are just a few examples of the highly complex and customizable visual effects that come standard on this lightsaber. Motion sensors in this lightsaber can pick up on movement and respond with appropriately realistic sound effects, making for a seamless swinging experience.

The sound effects and themes of this Neopixel Lightsaber can be changed amongst 34 different options. This lightsaber is powered by a lithium ion battery, which can be removed for charging, and provides enough power to keep going for a full day of cosplaying without needing to be recharged.

Neopixel lightsabers are an incredible deal this Black Friday. Get your hands on PREXEUM right away.


Black Friday 2023 is the best day to go shopping for a lightsaber if you are searching for a good bargain on one. This Black Friday, you may save a significant amount of money on the lightsaber you've always wanted to buy. We have the ideal package for you, regardless of whether you wish to join the Jedi or the Sith order.Don't put it off any longer; if you want to locate the ideal lightsaber for you, you need get started looking for it right immediately.

Followers of the Sith and the Jedi may now purchase neopixel replica lightsabers at low price.




If you want to be on the good side of the force, then utilizing the lightsaber with the blue blade that belonged to Anakin Skywalker is the most exciting thing you can do. With the assistance of this incredible lightsaber, you may develop your skills as a lethal Jedi duelist by bringing forth the light side of the force. ASW ORIGINAL REPLICA PROFFIE that runs in real time is readily available for purchase from DUAL SABER. Never throw away a chance. Use this incredible and wonderful lightsaber to propel you to the top of the duelling ranks straight away.

On this black friday, if you buy this destructive lightsaber, you can save yourself $410 instead of paying full price.

It contains motion sensors that produce sound effects when being swung, as well as a longer polycarbonate blade having a defusing finish that is extremely durable, detachable, and equipped with a flash on clash feature. You can engage in battle with your lightsaber for the entirety of the day thanks to its rechargeable lithium-ion battery, and it also features nine distinct music tracks, each of which has its own unique sound effects.

This lightsaber has a hilt that is constructed from a durable aluminium alloy and is intended for use in extremely violent combat. A more authentic duelling experience is achieved by the implementation of a smooth swing function. With the battery life that lasts for a long time you won't have to rush the battle to defeat your foes.

Take use of some wonderful and spectacular effects that will make the fight more difficult. Your collection of lightsabers is not complete without the ASW ORIGINAL REPLICA PROFFIE.




The trickle that surrounded the lightsaber that Obi Wan Kenobi relinquished is something that every real Star Wars fan is familiar with. The OWK ORIGINAL REPLICA is one of the coolest and nicest lightsabers available, and it swings more than any other lightsaber on the market. It is presented to you by DUAL SABER. From its construction to its functional capabilities, this OWK ORIGINAL REPLICA is an indispensable addition to any serious lightsaber collector's arsenal.

This lightsaber was previously $379. The price has drop to merely $289 for you during this Black Friday sale. You may save yourself $90 right now by purchasing this fantastic lightsaber. Do not let this wonderful chance pass you by.

As a Star Wars enthusiast, you need look no farther than this lightsaber, which has all the right features to convince you that it's every bit as impressive as the real lightsaber. Both the light effects and the sound emanating from this lightsaber have a high degree of realism. It features a loudspeaker with an adjustable level as well as a 50-watt RGB Neopixel strip with an infinite number of colours.

It has a long, durable, removable polycarbonate blade having a defusing finish, a flash on collision functionality, motion sensors that enable sound effects when swinging, all of which make it suitable for furious fighting.




Take a look at how gorgeous it is! Superb build quality and excellent durability. On Black Friday, you may save a ton of money while buying a lightsaber that doesn't skimp on quality or functionality. This fantastic LSW ORIGINAL REPLICA is $45 off the regular price.

Features exclusive to this lightsaber include:

  • Super Bright Light with 12 Color Options
  • Realistic Flash on Clash
  • A 92-centimeter polycarbonate blade built for combat
  • A Wide Variety of Ignition and Blade Modes
  • Hilt made of indestructible frosted aluminum alloy
  • Motion sensors combined with convincing sound effects
  • Lithium-ion batteries with a long shelf life

This LSW Original Replica will give you the genuine Star Wars experience that you've been looking for all along thanks to its long-lasting battery, comfortable grip, and elegant style. Get it today




Who on planet Earth could say no to possessing such a magnificent lightsaber?There is nothing more thrilling than getting your hands on Kylo Ren's lightsaber if you want to experience what it feels like to be a part of the dark side of the force.

On this Black Friday, if you are interested in purchasing a KR ORIGINAL REPLICA, now is the time to do it. Save $64 on this awesome lightsaber right now! This lightsaber is the stuff of dreams for any die-hard Star Wars fan, since it is an almost-exact duplicate of the original in both appearance and sound.

This is the lightsaber for you to use if you want to simulate the experience of really swinging a lightsaber in your hands. This lightsaber has motion sensors incorporated into it, which gives it the ability to have a swing that is more realistic than other lightsabers. It contains a light-diffusing coating and a removable blade made of polycarbonate. Additionally, the blade may be removed. 

It is designed to withstand the cumulative force of several blows sustained during combat. Because the battery in this lightsaber is a detachable lithium ion, you won't need to worry about finding a source of energy even if you use it for cosplay all day long.

Do not overlook the possibility of making a purchase of a KR Original Replica while taking advantage of this Black Friday deal.




The Darksaber replica:ORIGINAL DARK MANDO is among the most unique hilts that has ever been displayed in an armory because it has a design that is forceful and elegant from top to bottom, and it also has a multitude of functions.It's a replica of a Darksaber, down to the last detail, and it looks and feels real. Both the blade and hilt look like they may have come straight from a medieval weaponry collection. Darksaber hilts look like traditional sword hilts.

On Black Friday, you may make large financial savings while purchasing a high-quality lightsaber that is packed with fascinating extras, and this is all possible thanks to the sale. In all honesty, there is absolutely nothing else that someone could ever want or need! This fantastic ORIGINAL DARK MANDO is currently available with a rebate of $130 applied to the purchase price. Do not squander such a wonderful chance by failing to make use of it.

The features included in this are:

  • Top quality Xeno V2 Soundboard packed with 34 different SoundFonts
  • Blade is capable of transforming into a wide variety of modes, including Standard, FireBlade, Unstable, Ghost blade, rainbow blade, blaster blade, and many more.
  • Motion sensors combined with realistic sound effects
  • Flash on Clash feature
  • Lithium-ion batteries with a long shelf life

This ORIGINAL DARK MANDO Lightsaber is an essential addition to your collection of lightsabers because of its construction and the technical features it possesses.

Best Double Bladed Lightsaber Deals

In the Star Wars universe, the introduction of the lightsaber with two blades represents a huge expansion of the available weaponry. This form of the lightsaber has a blade emitter located on both ends of its longer hilt and includes a longer hilt overall. 

This Black Friday, at DUAL SABER, you will have the opportunity to purchase dual-bladed lightsabers at a price that is affordable. Take advantage of the sale on the double-bladed lightsabers currently available. Grab your double-bladed lightsaber right this instant,and get ready to unleash your fighting prowess.




There is nothing more exciting than the chance of acquiring a double-bladed lightsaber similar to that used by Darth Maul. During this year's Black Friday sale, you will have the best opportunity to purchase a DM DOUBLE BLADE ORIGINAL REPLICA.

This lethal lightsaber is currently discounted by $55 from its standard price and comes equipped with all of the top features that you've been looking for. If there is anything you are interested in purchasing, now would be the best time to do so because the price is at an all-time low.

Its mesmerizing features include:

  • Combat-grade light diffusing Neopixel LED Blade with Polycarbonate
  • Frosted aluminum alloy measuring 27 centimeters in length
  • Soundfonts, colours, and other aspects of the lightsaber can be further customised using an SD card.
  • RGB Colors, with a Total of 12 Presets
  • 3.7v 18650 3000mAh with up to 6 hrs battery life
  • 5v Micro USB

Due to the extravagant attributes it possesses, enthusiasts on both sides of the aisle are hankering after DM DOUBLE BLADE ORIGINAL REPLICA. You will have many satisfying hours of cosplaying fun if you choose the one that we provide. Get a hold of it, and then herd all of the villains under it.




In addition to its striking appearance, the lightsaber possesses a number of other desirable qualities. This replica of Darth Maul's lightsaber has all of the characteristics a Star Wars fan could want, including some outstanding details that make it look just like the original. 

Right now, you can save $90 on this deadly lightsaber while still getting all the premium features you've been wanting.Because costs have never been lower than they are right now, this is the best chance to make any purchase you've been wanting to consider.

DM MINI DOUBLE BLADED is more than simply pretty to look at. For a die-hard Star Wars fan, the film's visual and aural effects will feel like a dream come true.

Aside from the Jedi and Sith replicas we had discussed about, there is a large selection of lightsabers available to you. You can easily find the perfect lightsaber from DUAL SABER by browsing our collection.


There are so many options available for lightsabers that you won't have any issue selecting one that works for you. So, don't procrastinate any longer. If you're looking for the cheapest possible lightsaber, Dual SAber is the store to visit.

If you want to get a great deal on these sabers, now might be your last chance. Many alluring sales are currently running, and you would be unwise to miss out on them. It's now or never to go out and purchase that one-of-a-kind lightsaber have you been eyeing. In that case, why wait any longer if you want to begin? Prepare for Black Friday sales by going out today?

Admirers of the Star Wars saga! Get in quick if you want to snag one of these incredible discounts on lightsabers, since they will go fast.