Best Star Wars Day Deals 2024

Star Wars Day is the most anticipated day for the galactic fans. May 4th is celebrated all around the globe. Enthusiasts bring their sizzling lightsabers and talk about Star Wars for hours. It is undoubtedly a glorious time for lightsaber lovers. Kids and adults alike wield lightsabers of all shapes and designs possible.

However, there is a bigger reason for the anticipation. Around this time, you get the best lightsaber discounted deals. If you do not have a lightsaber to show around on May 4th. Don’t worry. You can get one at Dual Sabers. Also, at an insanely good price!

Endless Customization

Dual Sabers offers customized lightsabers with long-lasting battery life, a strong warranty policy, and extra lightsaber tools. Plus, you can access replica lightsabers of your treasured Star Wars Jedi and Sith. What more?

Our personalization options are never-ending. From the RGB lights to advanced soundboards. Dual lightsabers give you a realistic combat experience that is thrill-worthy. The blinding lights and quick-responding sound effects are worth every penny.

Buy yourself and your friends a lightsaber to celebrate the day. Best Star Wars Day Deals last all day and the endless options are ready for grabs!

RGB Sabers

RGB Sabers have a lot of potential. Sabers with basalt or in-blade RGB lightsaber offer multiple functionality. You can use the lightsaber for cosplaying. Also, looking at the new lightsaber in your collection will automatically make you smile.

Or you can test your combat skills. Our durable lightsabers will help you win the fight. Fans adore the customization and light play in RGB sabers. We swear on the chassis and pommel that you will get the best experience. Additionally, the sale on RGB lightsabers is worth the kyber crystal hype!


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A lightsaber with a hefty and bulky design is not everybody’s idea of the force. For minimalist lightsaber lovers, a Storm lightsaber is what you need. The usage mechanics are simple. Suppose you are exploring with the lightsabers and do not like the idea of spending too much money. Then start with the one-switch RGB lightsaber.

The instructions are provided with the lightsaber. With one button you can access the blade effects like fire blade, unstable, ghost blade, and more. The bigger catch is that with the same model, you can also experience the perks of a Neopixel blade. That means all the extra and enhanced fun at a reasonable budget!

Prominent Features

12 color presets 

50 Watt RGB LEDs

9 built-in sound themes

Supports 92 cm high-grade polycarbonate blade

Customer review

‘The lightsaber looks and sounds fantastic, and the customer service is unmatched. I suggest it!’ -Commented Ronaldo Amato



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Bone is our second best-selling lightsaber that offers a better grip and price deal than the Storm Lightsaber. The blade emitter is a wraparound style. That means it can support a heavy-duty blade without the blade flying out mid-dueling.

Overall, the lightsaber is designed with strong materials that give you a go for heavy dueling. Furthermore, the Bone lightsaber is available in red, grey, silver, blue, and green hilt colors. Pretty cool if you can match the blade to the hilt.

The customization also extends to the sound themes. At one time, you can add up to 9 sound themes. They can easily be programmed through an SD card. Lastly, like the previous lightsaber, Bone lightsaber is also available with a Neopixel blade.

Prominent Features

Combat grade 92 cm polycarbonate blade

Frosted aluminum alloy hilt

3 blade modes at a time

Customization through SD card

Customer Review

‘Awesome. My partner was ecstatic with this birthday present! It's very bright, and the sounds are insanely loud! An amazing present!’ Commented Kathleen Parks



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Kyber crystalite is something right out of a Star Wars fantasy. The hilt has a special kyber crystal addition. Something elegant without giving off the chunky vibes. The ergonomic grip on the hilt has grip bands. Ready to back you in a duel.

Furthermore, the RGB smooth color transition in Kyber Crystalite is awe-inspiring. The color changes give you a personal crystal meditation experience. Due to the enhanced color control, special blade features, and limited ignition modes are easily enjoyable.

You get to save a whopping 45% to beat your enemies. Don’t tell us that is not something you do not want!

Special Features

92 inch and shorter light/heavy grade blade

Customization through mobile or PC software

Loud sound effects

Long-lasting lithium battery life (changeable)

Customer Review

‘When you turn up the volume to its highest setting, the sound becomes louder. Its color impacts make you feel happy.’ Commented Wesley Gahl

Custom Sabers

We are sure you do not want a lightsaber that looks like everybody else’s. That beats the point of customization. Our professional recommendation is to spend money on a custom lightsaber that meets your demands. That will satisfy your Star Wars fantasy. Better than buying an assembly of average lightsabers.

With the 2024 Star Wars Day sale coming up. You get a shot at buying the best while saving money. Dual Sabers makes sure that the customers get the lightsaber they have imagined. Right down to the color, size, sound, and motion effects of the blade.



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Who says you have to stick to the good side to score a lightsaber deal? Star Killer lightsaber is the Star Wars Jedi warrior’s replica. You can fulfill your dark side fantasies with our customized Star Killer lightsaber. The hilt has a matching look to the Canon series. The mechanical outlook matches the extravagant electronics it houses.

You will be excited to know that Star Killer houses RGB, Neopixel (blade), and Proffie boards. Now is a good time to pick up the lightsaber. Marek will be making an appearance in the Ahsoka series. Show your Marek support on May 4th by wielding a special effect lightsaber.

Special Features

50-watt RGB 12 color presets

Blade modes like rainbow, candy, and blaster blade in proffie version

Motion jerking ON/OFF option in Neopixel and Proffie version

Customization through SD card

Customer Review

‘This has an amazing sound and a very sturdy weight. So many colors to choose from.’ -Commented Everett Anderson 



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We get excited every May 4th when this deal is put up. It gets snatched up pretty fast as well, given you are saving 45%. The mystery box offers you the best Star Wars gadgets, including a variety of lightsabers. Keep the gadgets on your mantel or show off your combat skills. Either way, it is a win-win.

Our mystery box contains two Base lit with smooth swings, two sabers with four sound Fonts, two 92cm blades, two 72cm blades, two converted wheels, four belt buckles, cables, screws, and manuals. So a total of four lightsabers has you backed up for the wholesale Day night!

Special Features

RGB and Neopixel versions are available

Shatterproof 92cm polycarbonate blades

Sound themes with different sound effects

Long-lasting ion batteries

Customer Review

‘A great deal. You get a bit of everything to start a whole Clone Wars!’ -Commented Bella Peter 


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Skywalker replica lightsabers never cease to amaze the lightsaber fans and technicians alike. With a catchy price deal, this lightsaber is a must-have Skywalker grab.

The ASW replica lightsaber is precisely an exact image from the Star Wars franchise. The hilt's design is basic, yet the protrusion makes the features easily accessible. Additionally, the black longitudinal grips are pretty appealing. Makes a great trait for dueling.

Furthermore, the ASW Original Replica has the same features as our LSW Replica II. The same soundboard with a new design and a wide range of color choices at an unbeatable price!

Prominent features

16 (RGB) to 34 (Xenopixel) sound fonts

2 (RGB) to 5 (Xenopixel) Blade modes

Strong warranty policy

 Full-color spectrum for enjoying stab, melt, and blaster blade

Customer Review

‘I'm pleased to have it. This lightsaber exceeds my expectations. Its charging capability is pretty good.’ -Commented Betty Sanchez


Replica Sabers

What kind of cosplaying would it be if your lightsaber did not match your character’s fictional weapon? Dual Sabers give you the ultimate experience of fitting into the Star Wars science fiction world. Starting with our highly advanced lightsabers that have the audience with excellent motion controls.

We use high-grade materials to assemble our Replica lightsabers. So when you get a sale day notification, you do not let the opportunity pass. Own a well-designed lightsaber that matches your Star Wars dream to the hilt!



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It is every Jedi apprentice's dream to start their noble force journey with the Obi-Wan Kenobi replica lightsaber. The metal hilt has all the essential parts elegantly aligned together. Even the hook at the pommel is down to Obi-Wan Kenobi’s standards. Also, the steel-reinforced emitter and recessed blade accessory are of durable quality.

Use our budget-friendly replica to expand peace in the universe. Enhance the Jedi experience with the 8 built-in sound themes in the RGB version and up to 23 in the Neopixel version. The blade emission because of high-definition light riles up your consular soul like nothing else!

Special Features

92 cm high-grade polycarbonate blade

High-volume adjustable speakers

3600mAh 24-hour long-lasting battery

Double blade support (connector sold separately)

Customer Review

‘The blade arrived sooner than anticipated. It is fairly strong and highly luminous.’ -Commented Frances Douglas 



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Be the first to click on the money-saving Darth Maul double-blade original replica lightsaber deal. Like Maul, you can be the first person to yield a symmetrical lightsaber and win duels during Clone Wars. Time to show your friends Maul-like dexterity and agility by switching between a single and a double blade. Yes, you heard that right. Our DM original replica is convertible and lightweight to support quick wrist movement.

The lightsaber comes with a 9 to 36 sound theme and a 12-watt miraculous aluminum alloy double blade. Furthermore, our DM Replica lightsaber Neopixel version offers more flash memory and better SD card read speed. Lastly, the hilt has a smoothly finished design and a weathered vintage design. All while saving $189. Choose wisely!

Prominent Features

Motion-sensitive fluid swing with authentic humming and clashing

 High-resolution sound effects

 12 presets premium LED with high-definition colors

Heavy dueling quality.

Customer Review

‘This lightsaber is fantastic! I was taken away by the attention to detail and luxury vibe.’ -Commented Kim Madsen


LSW Original Replica


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Luke Skywalker's original replica is the most common and iconic lightsaber weapon. This lightsaber carries the whole Skywalker legacy after Anakin’s lightsaber. Dual Sabers LSW lightsaber's elegant and modest appearance, as well as its Skywalker notoriety, contribute to its popularity. LSW Original Replica is the best alternative for individuals who prefer basic designs.

It incorporates the bulk of the commonly used and understandable neopixel technology.

 Luke Skywalker's Lightsaber has 16 to 34 pre-installed sound fonts, allowing it to replicate more characters than all Skywalker's together.

Additionally, the 36-inch polycarbonate blade is difficult to overlook. In addition, the hilt supports an updated RGB 3.0 and a Neopixel blade that allows complete access to all five Blade Modes, including Melt Tip, Tip Drag, and Flash on Clash.

Prominent Feature

36-inch length, 2mm (XRGB) to 3mm (Neopixel) blade

16 (XRGB) to 34 (Neopixel) sound fonts

2 (XRGB) to 5 (Neopixel) blade modes

Bright 19W (XRGB) to 50W (Neopixel) LED strip

Customer Review

‘I truly adore this replica lightsaber! It's incredibly realistic and lovely, and the hilt design is amazing.’ -Commented David Chase

Neopixel Sabers

Neopixel sabers are a lot more fun when it comes to customization. Most sellers focus too much on the blade. The design of the lightsaber usually ends up getting compromised. However, at Dual Sabers we make sure you get the Neopixel blade perks but also ergonomic and functional designs.

Our neopixel lightsaber variation is advanced and serves the best. That is why cosplaying with enhanced blade effects, ignition modes, and motion sensors keeps bringing back more customers. Especially on May 4th with the amazing price deals!



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The tenth lightsaber on our list is the Prexeum lightsaber. It is the best lightsaber choice for beginners as well as professional duelists. Prexeum is a shadow of Luke Skywalker’s ideology. With an advanced neopixel Prexeum lightsaber, you will be able to learn the dueling lessons ten times faster.

The personalization of Prexeum lightsaber ranges from the blade color to the hilt design. The enhanced blade tip and round features combined with the sound effects give you a real Prexeum Academy experience. Start your lightsaber journey while spending less money yet owning the best gadget!

Prominent Features

Motion sensors replace the button activation

Unbreakable aluminum alloy hilt

High-range volume adjustment

Wide range mobile connection

Customer Review

‘Wow, one must have this saber! Wonderful saber.’ -Commented William Williams 



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Nevio is your classic and elegant lightsaber. It may look basic, but the catchy price and technical features have the lightsaber enthusiasts hooked. Don’t fall for the basic structure. Because of the uncomplicated hilt design, Nevio lightsabers make a great weapon for dueling.

The rounded emitter supports a high-grade polycarbonate blade. When it comes to neopixels you do not hear much about durability. However, Nevio offers a strong blade. Effectively protecting the bright LEDs inside the hilt. So you can enjoy a wide color range of ignition. Strike, melt tip, and flash on clash features!

Prominent Features

32 inches long, 2mm thick blade.

 22 pre-installed sound fonts.

 Features include advanced motion sensors, smooth swing, and flash-on clash

Speakers have a power output of 2–3 Watts and a resistance of 4/8 Ohm

Customer Review

‘Overall, the best lightsaber in terms of weight and quality for beginners. The duels are smooth and flawless.’ -Robert Potter



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Attention to detail is important. The Furno FX lightsaber is a Star Wars replica that has everything down to the last detail. From the looks, feels, and sound effects the replica lightsaber is every fan’s real-time fantasy. Furthermore, the Furno double-bladed lightsaber is a convertible weapon that can be twisted into two single blades.

So it comes with two high-grade blades. These combat-quality blades give the same glow and hum energy as you would imagine in the movies. Not to mention, Furno FX has as much functionality as it does the aesthetics.

Our last lightsaber is a popular fan choice on May 4th because of its simple yet complicated Star Wars cultural value. Come Closer. The real catch is also the money saved!     

Prominent Features

27cm long Aluminum alloy hilt

RGB and Neopixel blades are available

Light-diffusing LED blade

Charging with 5V micro USB

Customer Review

‘It is the same as explained. This saber is ideal for beginners since it is easy to wield. I truly enjoy its quality and functionality.’ Commented Dennis Johns

Final Outlook

Yes, the prices are unbelievable. Yet, no matter how attractive that aspect may be. We recommend you head onto our website and carefully read the lightsaber details. Find out which lightsaber type appeals to your force spirit.

If you already have eyes on your designated lightsaber, then more power to you. Enjoy the 1800-plus lightsaber options Dual Sabers has to offer.

Also, if you are thinking of buying the lightsaber in pairs. Try out different modes and variations. It is fun exploring your personalization options and preferences that way!


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why do we celebrate Star Wars Day?

People all over the world gather together to share their favorite and exciting Star Wars moments. The anticipated events take place on May 4th. There is an exciting hum in the air and activities of fans deep in conversations showing off their lightsabers.


Best Star Wars Day Lightsaber Deals?

The catchy part about the lightsaber deals is that you cannot name a single lightsaber that is not worth buying. Each lightsaber has a story to tell, battles to prevent, galaxies to save, and Jedi to protect.

Who started Star Wars Day?

As the Star Wars gained popularity. The fans thought the complex yet awe-inspiring fictional world was too good to not be celebrated. Soon the amount of fans grew and naturally Star Wars Day is celebrated now.


Where is Star Wars celebrated?

Star Wars is honored all around the world, particularly in large cities where fans go to meet and hang out. In recent years, popular designated places include London (United Kingdom) and Chiba (Japan), among others.


Where is the Star Wars Celebration 2025?

The first Star Wars Celebration to be held in Japan since 2008 will take place in Makuhari Messe in Chiba, Japan, on April 18-20, 2025, as previously announced. Dates regarding other major cities are yet to be released.


What places celebrate Star Wars Day now?

We say any place where fans gather is a place worth celebrating. From cafés, and restaurants to online boards and platforms. The might of galaxies, the evil of the Empire, and the Republic’s struggles are discussed everywhere.


How old is Star Wars?

Star Wars has been a successful sensation since 1977. The real-time motion picture gripped the fans. Now old and young people alike give each other Star Wars merchandise to reminisce about good force times.