Does Cal Kestis have a Double-Bladed Lightsaber?

It’s understandable why such a question would pop up in your head!

Seeing as double bladed lightsabers are not so common in the Jedi world.

They are more of the weapons suitable for the dark side or the Sith Lords.

Not to mention Jedi are meant to use their lightsabers for defence and peace maintenance. For that purpose a single blade should suffice.  

Dual blades do not seem like a big need. Right?

Not so fast though!

As this does not stand true in the case of Cal Kestis, a Jedi warrior. Like a rare few Jedi, Cal Kestis uses a blue colored double bladed lightsaber.

The character made an appearance with a double bladed lightsaber in a 2019 video game, Star Wars: the Fallen Order.

So, according to the Star Wars original series this timeline corresponds to 14 BBY. Where Cal Kestis is shown to start his twin bladed lightsaber journey.

Why Dual Blades?

Now the appearance of a double bladed lightsaber was intentional and successfully grabbed the attention of many gamers and Star Wars fanatics!

However, questions remain. Why a dual bladed saber? Why not a single blade like the rest of the Jedi?

Here are my thoughts on this.

Firstly, it was convenient for the directors to hand Cal Kestis a twin bladed lightsaber because of his former master Jaro Tapal. Jaro Tapal was a Lasat species. Lasats are tall, fast and strong people who are shown to use double bladed lightsabers.

At first Kestis is shown to be not so fond of his master’s double bladed lightsaber. As he thought it was an overkill. However, in his acquisition of Atrium and fight against Order 66 he soon saw the importance of such a lightsaber.

Besides, his double bladed lightsaber served him a long way long after as well! By that time the lightsaber became his representation.

Secondly, his double bladed lightsaber had the essence of not just one master but two. Both the blades were secured by the hilt remains of his two former masters, Cere Junda and Jaro Tapal. So for one weapon he was carrying on a prodigy of two Jedi warriors.

Thirdly, which I think is the most convenient and certainly gave Kestis an upper hand. It is the usefulness of his dual bladed lightsaber. It was not an ordinary double bladed lightsaber but one that could be separated into two blades. Also, convertible into a crossguard lightsaber. He could practise multiple combat forms. Also a long dual bladed when hard to handle could be easily separated into two lightsabers to fight off the blasts and prob droids. As seen in a duel on Dathomir.  

Features of Cal Kestis lightsaber?

Cal Kestis' lightsaber consisted of the remaining parts of his former master’s lightsabers. He used the remains of Jaro Tapal and Cere Junda sabers to construct a hilt that housed two blades.  The Kyber crystal that he acquired from the caves of Ilum in 14 BBY.

He designed his lightsaber in a way that the black grip section is in the middle of the lightsaber. On one side is the dual emitter while the other side has a flared emitter with a wrapped x pattern. Both emitters can be separated to form two lightsabers. Similarly, they can be activated at the same time when joined.

Amazingly, Kestis would switch off one side of the lightsaber and use the other side while attached!

Suitable for which combat form?

Cal Kesis is famous for using his twin bladed lightsaber form Jar’Kai. It helped him combat against the Empire and other aggressive forces.

Jer’kai is the form of combat where two weapons are used. In Kestis' case he used to split his lightsaber or use it as a single double bladed lightsaber. It is a strong combat form that requires high power, arm strength and agility.

The simultaneous use of two blades gives you an upper hand over your enemies and deflecting multiple strikes at the same time!

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Cal Kestis Journey to Ilum!

Did you know that the blue double bladed lightsaber is not the only weapon Cal Kesist held!

Prior to this one he already has a weapon. Thing is that even though he used Jaro Tapal’s lightsaber he accidentally destroyed it while experiencing a painful force vision. Since he had no weapon he decided to get one from the Caves of Ilum.

The catch was that Ilum was captured by the Empire. Although he did not face any initial threats from the Imperial Forces, it was quite a journey. He was determined in getting a crystal to build his weapon. While searching he fell into an ice cold water. Where at the end of the escape he found his crystal. Initially it was one complete crystal that broke off into two. When he held it.

It seemed like the whole plan was off. However, his determination was rekindled and he decided to build a weapon. Like his master he used both halves of the crystal and successfully made a double bladed lightsaber. Using what he had acquired from the cave and for the hilts the remains of his masters lightsabers.  

However, unlike Jaro Tapal’s lightsaber his lightsaber was innovative and stronger.

Appearance in Star Wars: The Fallen Order

Cal Kestis' double bladed lightsaber first appeared in the video games Star Wars: The Fallen Order. You can be a part of the major journey now. The lightsaber not only comes in blue color but you have eight other color options. Including yellow, orange, magenta, green indigo, cyan and purple.

Additionally, you can choose other customization options like the material and the blast modes, emitters and switches. For material you can switch between Corundum, Crodium, Arcetron, and Lamina Steel.

Good news is that the journey does not end there as many have been anticipating for the Star Wars Jedi: Survivor by Respawn Entertainment. You have been given a deeper insight into Cal Kestis' journey against the Empire with many new powers and modifications!

Final Words

Now is your time to be a part of 2023 Cal Kestis' journey against the Empire’s hunt for the Jedi. To feel more connected to your favorite character you can also buy the lightsaber replicas at Dual Sabers!

Better yet customize your lightsabers to add personal touches. Let’s see how the Cal Kestis story unfolds in the upcoming Star Wars series.

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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What saber style does Cal Kestis use?

While Cal mastered the use of single and dual-bladed staff sabre combat in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order (as well as the quick switch to two sabres), you'll be able to learn five different fighting techniques with a variety of moves and abilities in Jedi Survivor.

Can Cal Kestis dual wield?

Cal Kestis has one of the coolest moves. At first it started as something new and quickly became his signature style. In Star Wars Jedi: Survival he has more control over his dual weapons with a smooth switch between dual and single blades.

Can Cal Kestis have a red lightsaber?

Kestis does not have a red crystal lightsaber in the Star Wars original series. However, in the Survival game mode he can get a red crystal and a lightsaber. As with other colors it does not mean that he is not a Jedi.

What is Cal Kestis original lightsaber Color?

Cal Kstis used a blue lightsaber as a Padawan under the apprenticeship of Jedi Master Jaro Tapal. He later built himself another blue lightsaber as well. 

What is Cal Kestis canon lightsaber?

He used parts of Cere Junda and Jaro Tapal’s lightsabers to build a new one. The lightsaber, unlike his masters, was different and unique. It could be used as a single blade or a double bladed lightsaber on a whim. 

How strong is Cal Kestis Jedi Survivor?

Cal Kestis knew his way around a lightsaber. Not only in manufacturing one a kind but he is also famous in using several combat forms. He showed incredible strength and control catching his opponents off guard in duels.