Dueling Sabers


      Our Jedi warriors, the last thing you want in a winning duel is for your lightsaber to give up on you. That would put both of us in a bad mood. That is why we at Dual Sabers put special emphasis on durability of dueling lightsabers. Our target is to deliver dueling lightsabers that are not only aesthetic but also serve their rightful purpose.

      From our experience we have come to notice that most Star Wars enthusiasts are either looking for a cheap dueling lightsaber or one they can display fondly. In that case we pride ourselves in providing you both. You no longer have to choose. How about a lightsaber that can serve the looks as well as the strike?

      If you want to live the experience of your favorite Star Wars dueling Jedi Master Yoda, Dark Lord Tyranus, and Jedi Master Mace Windu. Then a Dual Sabers duel FX lightsaber is a must. 

      Adding to that, we would love to be a part of your dueling matches with our more premium storm duel lightsabers.

      We excel at what we claim. As a fan ourselves, we understand the heartbreak that follows a non-durable dueling lightsaber. Which is why our materials are tested and weighed up to what the competitors are offering before they are ordered for construction. You can get the best deals at the most reasonable prices here.

      The best part is that we know a duel lightsaber is more than a physical prop. A good material will be of no use if you cannot enjoy the swing and swoosh effects of a lightsaber. 

      So, awaken your inner Jedi or Sith with our exciting customizable dueling lightsaber options.

      Introducing the Ultimate Lightsaber for Dueling Enthusiasts

      We pride ourselves to be the best place to buy dueling lightsabers. More so, after browsing through dozens of customer requests. Only then have we put out our best selling dueling lightsabers!

      Dual Sabers kyber crystallite lightsaber has a reputation of a realistic look and the best dueling experience. Its neopixel fitted 92cm combat grade polycarbonate blade is unbreakable. Not to mention a silver polished aluminium hilt. It is constructed keeping in mind the strongest of duels.

      Next up is the LSW Original Replica that supports a fine tuned hilt and a strong neopixel blade. The most exciting part is that like most of our dueling lightsabers it offers super bright light with 12 color options. Of course, it is not for any mere duel but a Star Wars fight against the dark.

      Lastly, comes the Force II lightsaber with a special custom Xeno V2 soundboard. In this matter we come across a frequent question. Can you duel with force fx lightsabers? To tell you that, Force fx is designed to endure the mightiest strike from a rival. A single battery can last up to a whole day. With multiple sound effects, dueling saber is not something to skip on.

      Durability that Lasts: Materials Used in the Construction of Dueling Saber

      Many frustrated dueling fans complain about not finding the complete package. Similarly, most low grade blades make it hard to duel. Not only that, a combination of wrong materials can leave a bad injury. 

      Another big issue is the overtime dwindling durability of unreliable dueling lightsabers.

      To overcome the durability issues we use a combat grade 78 cm-92 cm polycarbonate blade. Because of its high grade strength it can be used repeatedly for continual dueling sessions. Moreover, we also offer neopixel and base lit RGB versions of many dueling lightsabers to match your taste.

      However, for the RGB lightsabers we use a blade material that is slightly less strong. Given that RGB light diffusing blades are not commonly used in dueling. Rather they are preferred for display and beginner training.  

      While the blade is the centre of attention we also share focus with the hilt and the other parts. Our aim is to put forward a well balanced and an overall durable product. That is also why the hilt is made of a 27 cm-30 cm long frosted aluminium alloy. Not only has it proven to be strong but also resistant to scratches and damage. 

      The metal hilt is useful in protecting the lithium batteries and the soundboard without damaging the mechanics of the lightsaber. 

      Scroll through our website and choose your Galaxy Edge dueling lightsabers with multiple options.  Not to mention Dual Sabers offers quality products that maintain their durability. Our one-stop website offers you multiple durable materials to build your lightsaber

      So you can be a true Grey Jedi like Mace Wind!

      Built for Battle: The Performance of Dueling Sabers

      It is not about the type of the dueling lightsaber or the price. When we put our minds to it we can make the best of the masterpiece. So you can imagine the growing popularity of the Dual Saber lightsabers is because of the use of tested and recommended materials.

      We aim to enhance your dueling experience to the point that you cannot forget the duel. The good catch is that apart from the strong materials and realistic motion sensors. The clashing sounds are no less than the battle of Tatooine.

      Swing with all your might and relive the moments you have imagined in your mind. Though we are against violence. It is a good thing that our dueling lightsabers are suitable for both the beginners as well as the experienced.

      As far as the designing of the dueling sabers goes you can find replicas of your favorite characters with similar design. The motion sensors are hyperactive and help you win your duel in the best ways possible.

      Customize Your Dueling Saber: Additional Accessories Available

      A true fan desires customization of his favorite lightsaber to match his dueling taste. Not everybody idolises the same Star Wars master or the same dueling lightsaber weapon.

      That is why with great pleasure we announce a number of customization options in Duel Sabers dueling lightsabers. You get to enjoy several lightsaber sound fonts and neopixel colors that can be personalized via USB.

      Furthermore, our smooth swing feature gives a seamless swinging sound that brings outstanding energy. While our RGB dueling lightsaber offers 3 modes, the possibilities in neopixel are endless. You get to enjoy many modes such as Standard, Fire Blade, Unstable, Ghost blade, rainbow blade, blaster blade etc.

      Rest assured, the biggest catch is our premium accessories. Instead of browsing through dozens of websites your Star Wars shopping begins and ends at Dual Sabers. We offer adjustable stands and cases for the longevity of best dueling lightsabers.

      Conclusion - The Best Choice for Dueling Enthusiasts: Dueling Sabers

      Now it is your turn to get a taste of what we have to offer. We value customer feedback and opinions. Hence, our dueling lightsabers are continuously updated with easily programmable and updated versions of what the market has to offer.

      We as an experienced lightsaber facility welcome you to try our sabers for a realistic duel experience so you are not left with any unfulfilled Star Wars desires.

      Place your order and easily track it on our website. A complete product description along with special customization options are mentioned alongside each dueling lightsaber. You can also buy our recommended accessories to make your dueling journey easier.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      Which lightsaber is best for dueling?

      FX lightsabers have unmatched performances when it comes to heavy dueling. The selection of materials along with convenient design makes it hard to surpass fx dueling lightsaber.

      What are the rules for lightsaber dueling?

      Each form of lightsaber combat comes with a set of rules. As for a beginner the deal is not to hurt anyone seriously. Also protect yourself by holding onto your lightsaber hilt with both hands. Hold a dueling position and strike using just the right amount of pressure.  

      What is the strongest lightsaber form?

      While each form has its strength and weakness. As far as dueling is concerned, the Makashi form is considered to be the best. It helps form precise movements against incoming attacks. The catch is that it has low kinetic energy but the good thing is that it comes naturally to all dueling lovers.

      What is the oldest lightsaber form?

      Shii-Cho form is the most traditional form dating back to the earliest Jedi duels. It also goes by the name ‘The determination Form’. Shii-Cho is the most basic dueling form that every Jedi beginner learns mandatorily and is based on a sword fighting technique. 

      How many lightsaber forms are there?

      Originally there were seven forms of lightsaber combat. However, during The Great Galactic War eighth form and then much later the ninth form was introduced for proper combating against the sith.