Are Neopixel Lightsabers Good for Dueling?


Sadly that is the sound of your neopixel lightsaber breaking.

Not to mention it is also the sound of your money going down the drain.

Did not see that coming. Did you?

That is because you missed out on a lot of factors while picking your neopixel lightsaber for dueling.

You did not buy the saber with the intention of fun tapping but a full blown dueling session with your friend!

Star Wars experience is incomplete without a full swing duel mimicking your favorite character or side of the force. Fanatics know which side to stick to as soon as they choose the color of their blade.

However, dueling is more than choosing a color. You have to wisely piece together your lightsaber so you can keep crushing the rebellion from countless sith. Even more so if you are tired of being a goody two shoes.

Let’s hold the bar and see what the neopixel lightsaber dueling hype is about. Shall we?,online_chips:led+lightsaber:PJfS9wXeZDQ%3D&hl=en-GB&sa=X&ved=2ahUKEwi8pJnon5L6AhUTTRoKHTgTACgQ4lYoBnoECAEQLw#imgrc=RT3FiFzROyjmTM&imgdii=JPQxL8hzgdddfM

Should Neopixel be your choice?

Neopixel lightsabers are more widely known in the Star Wars lightsaber community than you contemplate.

Since they are everywhere it is easy to see why they can be picked for dueling by many.

Adding to that the built, blade, hilt, and features make it pretty much irresistible for dueling.

Unlike an ordinary lightsaber, neopixel offers features like Flash on Clash, Blaster Block, Smooth Swing, and Lock up. The software updated effects and sounds reverberate from the lightsaber instead of the suspicious ones from your mouth.

Aside from all that, neopixel offers tons of customization. You can use the voice of your favorite characters including Rey Skywalker, Kylo Ren, Darth Vador, Count Dooku, and General Grievous, to name a few.

Now you see why it can be the first choice for many. However, what the amateurs tend to forget is that apart from the effect dueling is also linked to strength!

For starters, we have narrowed down the information that can help you avoid many mistakes. Let’s get to it!

Grade Scale for Neopixel Blade?

Your first mistake is not choosing the right kind of lightsaber glass blade. Blades for neopixel lightsabers come in different varieties and durability. For dueling almost all enthusiasts prefer the high density glass blade.

You see, neopixel lightsabers can be used for displaying, performance plays, spinning and talent shows. Particularly for dueling you need a high strength glass because your neopixel blade will be in direct contact with the opponents. That is why avoid low grade glass as it is prone to damage.

For light dueling I prefer medium grade but for full, Battle of the Heroes, combat I recommend a heavy grade blade with special plasma effects. Neopixel blades consist of one double-sided pixel strip, a foam tube, maybe cellophane, and of course, a polycarbonate tube (in the case of electrum). The foam typically breaks before the LEDs.

So, all you'd have to do is snap the foam tube, managing to save the LEDs. To top it off polycarbonate is preferred for blade construction. This high density blade is almost 2mm thick, and 90cm long.

Analyse the type first!

If you have reached this far then you must already know about the types of neopixel lightsaber. While you can choose any type of dueling you have to be careful. To make the most out of the experience, study the types first and match them with the kind of dueling you settle for!


Eco Neopixel

Proffie Neopixel

Xeno Neopixel

CFX Neopixel

GHV3 Neopixel

Blade Size

90-92 cm

92 cm (Varies)

90-92 cm

92 cm (Varies)

92 cm (Varies)

Blade Thi,ckness

1in.OD, 2mm

1in.OD, 2mm

1in.OD, 2mm

1in.OD, 1.3mm

1in.OD, 2mm

Blade Material






Hilt Size

32 cm

32 cm (Varies)

32 cm

32 cm (Varies)

32 cm (Varies)

Hilt Material

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy

Aluminum Alloy

Dual Blade lightsabers?

Ah. Yes!

How can I not mention dual blade neopixel lightsabers?

There is no dueling experience than with a dual blade. Obviously, it will be some time before amateurs can take part in heavy dueling with a dual blade. Additionally, double blades mean increased deflection, more protection and coverage from all sides. All the better to fight off your enemies.

You can buy a convertible blade however that is more RGB than a Neopixel. Neopixel dual blades are manufactured as it is. If you are good at dueling then you must be giving a side smirk to the already present proffie 2.2 or GHV3 Phase 4 double bladed saber!

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Damage prone Features?

As mentioned above blade is one of the features that will be in the direct line of damage. If hit too hard it can fully crack or dark spots will appear where the LEDs have been damaged.

Other than that you have to keep an eye out for,


Choose a thick polycarbonate blade that is at least 2mm thick.


Aluminium Alloy or nickel blades are preferred as they can withstand strong impact.


Electronics are more complex than you think. While building your lightsaber or attacking your blade look at the attachment area. Neopixel lightsabers like FX have permanent string blade attachments that can snap easily. So, choose a thick neck neopixel saber.


The hilt should be designed in a way that it covers the internal parts as well as the vulnerable joint areas of the blade. Some hilts are designed to be lengthy so they cover the base of the blade providing a strong attachment area.


The more expensive lightsaber you buy the more effects you get to enjoy. However, the catch is that if the neopixel lightsaber is damaged you could lose all that. For dueling I recommend investing a reasonable amount in features. You may not get all the features but you can customize the lightsaber to fulfilment without investing too much.

What does saber manufacturing community say?

After getting reviews from many fanatics and manufacturers I have reached a conclusion. For dueling you want a lightsaber that is light yet strong.

Labelling the durability of neopixel lightsabers is tricky. When it comes to the blade it's straightforward. You know that you need a strong glass. However, establishing the ideal hilt is controversial.

Apart from the material of the hilt you also have to analyse the in-hilt components. Everyone wants the best lightsaber design. However, you have to make sure it matches the purpose.

According to dueling lightsaber manufacturers make sure the neopixel lightsaber hilt you choose is lightweight. It does not house crazy expensive components and there is adequate protection for the soundboard and the batteries. Among the types, proffie pixel and ECO pixel are the best options.

I personally recommend staying away from the Disney and FX lightsabers as they can be damaged easily.

Ideal specifications to look for?

Although specifications for each type are mentioned above. However if you are ti build yourself a neopixel lightsaber then these are some more features you should consider. Better avoid the mistakes I made the first time!




Dual Grade (92cm, 1 in. Diameter)


Frosted Aluminum Alloy


RGE LEDs with 12 preset effects


Lithium ion recharge Battery, 3.7v 3600 mAh


Neopixel, Ecopixel, Proffie board 2.2


5V micro USB Cable




Flash on Clah, Smooth Swing, Ignition.

Motion Sensors


Sound Fonts

Coordinated with movement

Repair Cost?

Repair costs depend on the degree of damage.

Even though the manufacturing companies label the neopixel as ‘Duel Worthy’ keep in mind that these blades are pricey and cost between $100 and $150 each. Adding to that neopixel lightsaber blades cost far more than the typical $30 to $50 blade for an in-hilt LED lightsaber!

You do not have to buy a new lightsaber every time. If the foam breaks, a professional can replace it with a new one. The tip and internals can simply be removed and placed within a new polycarbonate tube if the polycarbonate tube breaks. Depending on the extent of the LED strip damage, you may need to replace the entire blade if the LEDs connection breaks.

Do not go experimenting yourself if you do not have prior experience. You might end up doing more damage than good!

Read this before investing!

Do not jump start into buying your neopixel lightsaber now that you think you know everything required for dueling, read what I have to say below first. It is important to know these factors before investing.

  • Ask or read carefully before buying the neopixel lightsaber. Make sure the materials you choose are mentioned in writing. Neopixel lightsaber blades are also made of flat acrylic. Rather than that opt for polycarbonate that is labelled, ‘dueling grade, thick-walled, heavy grade glass’.
  • The same goes for the hilt. Although aluminium hilt is commonly spotted and reasonably priced. If you have other options like nickel mixed, or durable carbon fiber choose that instead. Avoid PVC or 3D print designs.
  • Make sure the blade and the hilt do not have sharp corners or designs that can injure you or your opponent while duelling.
  • Apart from the sharp edges, check the weight before settling on one. You do not want to end up in bruises and wrist sprains at the end of a good victory day.
  • Always try out the saber. You will know immediately if it matches your movement and is the right one. Practice a little beforehand.


Overall a neopixel lightsaber is a good and wise choice for dueling. Coupled with the above information I am sure you will end up with a lightsaber that will let you experience the best dueling without bruises and scratches.

Do you still want more information? Visit ‘The Saber Legion (TSL)’ website and watch the duels. They are the best source of information and host amazing duels of all grade levels.

Lastly, find out more about neopixel lightsabers. How they work, how to construct one and more on our website!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Can Neopixel blades be used for dueling?

Neopixel blades come in different durability and strength. They can be used for dueling but the damage can be costly. However, the dueling experience with high grade glass and internal protection is like no other!

What does a neopixel lightsaber mean?

Neopixel lightsaber houses neopixel lights which are special RGB lights which are connected through a wire and can be controlled by a single input. The special plasma blades with a strong hilt form an aesthetic and strong neopixel lightsaber.

Can you parry with a double bladed neopixel lightsaber?

Multiple enemy shots can be parried and reflected by the double-bladed neopixel lightsaber. The enemy's block meter will be damaged, many ranged strikes will be reflected, and you won't lose any of your own defence meters by parrying enemy assaults.

Is Neopixel or RGB better for dueling?

From a price perspective, an RGB lightsaber is better as the components are in the hilt and more secure, however, the experience is not quite like a neopixel lightsaber. Also, neopixel can be expensive but just as good!

Can you duel with Base lit Sabers?

In hilt LEDs are preferred because they are inside the hilt and protected well. These are also called base lit and several neopixel companies offer base lit lightsaber for dueling.

What is the most durable lightsaber?

Ultragrade heavy grade lightsabers are the most suitable for those who are serious about dueling, the material put together can withstand the strength of the impact during dueling.

How long do neopixel batteries last?

Neopixel lightsaber batteries drain faster than other lightsabers like RGB because of special features and modes. Most neopixel lightsabers have a 3.7-4.2 V battery that can last up to 90 minutes. Either you change the lithium ion battery or recharge it before continuing.

Are Xenopixels good for dueling?

Xenopixel lightsabers are quite a catch as they house a variety of advanced features and yet are available at reasonable prices. Constructed with a strong material, xenopixel lightsabers can be used for dueling.