Are Disney Lightsabers Neopixel?

*Exasperated breath*

I can see why you are confused!

While the neopixel lightsabers have always been the ideal for lightsaber hoarders.

Now the Disney lightsabers have stepped up and are brushing shoulders with the neopixel ones. Wherever a neopixel lightsaber pops up Disney lightsabers follow right behind.

Disney’s debut in 2019, with Galaxy Edge lightsabers, has sent Star Wars enthusiasts into a frenzy. The idea of building your own lightsaber piece by piece aligns with what the lightsaber builders have always been dreaming of!

So Disney amped up the game and decided to give the fans what they desire. However, have they managed to one up the neopixel lightsabers? Is it only the experience or do you feel like you have won the pot of gold?

Let’s see what the collectors have been talking about. While we are at it why not take a look at the drawbacks as well?

Shall we?

About Disney Lightsabers

Doing something you have been imagining sounds too good to be true. Right?

Disney has managed to bring you the experience so you can hold the same lightsaber as the iconic peacemaker Jedi or the antagonist Sith. All your favorite character lightsabers are only a few steps away with your choice of design and animations.

Disney lightsabers like Galaxy Edge lightsabers or the FX and Elite are good in quality with better plastic than cheap manufacturers. More so, they look exactly like what the characters hold in the movies. You want a particular hilt color, design, material, blade length, and other superficial customizations. Done!

Fans have gone so far as to start a tiktok trend where they show their customized lightsabers. Billions of people have followed and taken over the app. Fans have come up with innovative designs for the blades as well as the hilts.

You must have seen the comparison video of the fan who made the hilt with ridges, curves, and edges similar to Disney Kylo Ren lightsaber. My personal favorite!

Another famous YouTuber James Hobson has put his engineering skills into practice and formed a lightsaber that has pressed liquid propane in the blade. He claims that the blade can cut through practically anything. To mimic Obi Wan’s Move from ‘The Phantom Manic’ he uploaded a video of his lightsaber cutting through titanium. He calls it a ‘real working lightsaber’ as the lightsaber looks quite real for a Sci-Fi movie gadget.

All that sounds impressive right? Impressive enough to forget about the competitive lightsabers in the market!

But why is it that fans are still confusing the Disney lightsaber with neopixel one? Let’s resolve the confusion once and for all.

Disney vs. Neopixel Lightsaber

By now you must have gotten the memo that Disney lightsabers are different from the Neopixel lightsabers. They are not the same.

Since neopixel lightsabers are the ideal other sabers like Disney Galaxy's edge are compared to the neopixels frequently. However are they good? Or far better?

According to the collectors, performance players, and dueling experts on Reddit the neopixel lightsabers can beat the Disney sabers in a number of ways.

Firstly, Disney lightsabers are not quite as bright as the neopixel lightsabers. Secondly, some blade modes and sound features are enhanced in the neopixel sabers.

If you manage to get your hands on both the sabers put them side by side. You will notice that while swinging neopixel smooth swing is clearer and also on the flash on clash is brighter. Not only that, but the ON/OFF effect of neopixel is more saturated.

However, there is always a catch. Apart from performance price is a big determining factor!

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Price Talks!

While you are thinking that you have got the Disney lightsaber at the right price there is a chance that someone with better features and similar aesthetics has exactly that. Only at a lesser price.

If you want to display Disney lightsaber and use it for lighter purposes including costume play and spinning then it is a great catch. However, many users have called it out to be more of an experience.

Moreover, the Disney lightsaber is relatively cheaper. You can add a few more bucks and build two more hilts. Yet, if the lightsabers are close enough to Star Wars characters and you are satisfied then well and good!

Not to mention, you get to experience building the lightsaber at Disneyland as well!

However, for dueling and special features neopixel lightsaber is by far a good choice. Also, you get to download your own fonts. So, if you have money to throw around then you can build yourself a good quality advanced saber that is also duel worthy.

Let’s see. You can collect Rey and Luke Skywalker lightsabers at $200. While with the customization and better quality a similar neopixel lightsaber can go as far as $500.

If you are looking to go a long way with your lightsaber the neopixel lightsaber would be my recommendation.

What Star Warriors say?

According to star warriors the fans yes you get a lot more with a neopixel lightsaber but it is also double the cost. At the end of the day, it comes down to your budget. While for some it is a good bang for the buck. Others did call it a bit endearing for the same amount. I think the Disney lightsaber is a good deal to display for entry level collectors.

However, if you can buy neopixel lightsabers then that is hands down the best way to go down. You must have gathered by now that Disney and Neopixel sabers are different. In the nutshell, neopixel lightsaber wins quality wise and Disney lightsabers win price wise.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Are Disney lightsabers RGB?

Yes, the Galaxy Edge lightsaber is an RGB lightsaber blade. It offers all the colors the Star Wars Clones have to offer. You get as far as 6 illuminating colors at a time.

What is Disney's real lightsaber made of?

If you have made yourself a $200 Disney Galaxy Edge you must have noticed that the saber is constructed with plastic tubes and RGB lights. Although they offer several construction materials too.

Are Disney lightsabers good quality?

There are mixed reviews about the quality depending on what your standard is. Disney prides itself for bringing good quality materials that are more durable than the cheaper alternatives. However, there are also better materials available for custom lightsabers.

Are Disney lightsabers metal?

The kyber crystal and blade are plastic. However, the hilt is metal and comes in many designs to give your Disney lightsaber a realistic look and feel.

How much is Disney's real lightsaber?

At Savi’s Workshop, Disneyland you can get a custom Disney lightsaber at $219.99 plus tax. Depending on your budget it can be a hefty amount. However, compared to advanced high quality competitors Disney lightsabers are not at the top of the expensive list.

What is the best lightsaber to get at Disney?

Disney Galxy Edge lightsabers top the list followed by the FX lightsabers. Luke and Rey Disney Glaxy Edge lightsabers have collected quite a number of fans already.

What are the 4 types of lightsabers at the galaxy's edge?

The famous 4 styles are,

· Elemental Nature: a more naturally-fashioned lightsaber.

· Peace and Justice: a modern version of a Jedi lightsaber.

· Protection and Defense: an Old Republic style lightsaber.

· Power and Control: an ancient Sith lightsaber.

Is galaxy edge worth it?

The setting is realistic, and there is animatronics mixed in with cast members who are portraying members of the First Order and the Resistance. The ride combines numerous separate rides, with the last one being an exhilarating and unexpected adventure. So yes it is worth the hype.