Can You Get a Dual Lightsaber in Fallen Order?

A trip to Disney Parks and Experiences to get the feel of a real Star Wars lightsaber?

That can get reaaally expensive!


Not when you have the ‘Star Wars: Fallen Order’ video game at home!

You get the same experience. Only this one is more exciting and gives you multiple chances.

Not to mention, this brought is a sign of your Jedi calling.

So, buckle up young Padawan!

Trek on a journey where you will have to fight off multiple bad guys, droids and blasts to get your double bladed lightsaber.

Oh boy. This is where the fun starts.

The weaponry showcased in Fallen Order is one of a kind. Additionally, you have the choice to switch between multiple lightsaber customization options.

A chance even the highest of Jedi Sentinels do not get!

But don’t think it will be a walk in the park. There will be things at stake and dark shrouded figures reminding you of your failure.

Which is why we are here to save the day!

Where to get the double bladed lightsaber?

Double bladed lightsaber is definitely a luxurious upgrade. It works double the single blade and successfully deflects the multiple blades against the gang of enemies. You can choose the block option to stop the enemies attack and then fire them back. It is a premium unlock.

Up until Bogano the journey is safe, straight and easy for the beginners. However, once you tumble on the recordings of Cordova on Bogano. You have further two options. Either you can continue the road to Zeffo or move towards Dathomir.

The very red planet, Dathomir that is famous for housing Darth Maul? Yes!

Now the big secret is if you want to get your hands on the double bladed lightsaber you change your route and head towards Dathomir. Fair warning! Dathomir is not an easy journey. The enemies and challenges are twice harder than Bogano.

However, read on and you will eventually get your hands on the prized possession!

Moving forward there is one road and at first it is quite peaceful. However, further you will face the Bane Black Spires. Oh and the brotherhood. Soon you will reach a black shrouded figure that will try to send you astray.

Don’t fall into the trap. Move forward towards the left to the cave. There at the bottom you will find a workbench that gives you the parts you need to work your double bladed lightsaber. Solve the attachment and you have what you were looking for!

Video Guide

Watch this video guide to discover the double bladed lightsaber early!

How to Quickly Get the Double-Bladed Lightsaber in Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order

Other Double Bladed Lightsaber Parts at Bogano?

You can find the other lightsaber parts to build a double bladed lightsaber in Bogano.

This road is not as scary as Dathomir! An alternative way through which you can get the same lightsaber upgrade.

You can find the emitter, switch, sleeve of the lightsaber as you move through the 2nd level, across the metal wall and then on the platform of the great divide.

As you come across the Abandoned Lamina Workshop you will find further materials. Unlock the force pull ability and find more materials.

Eventually you will lead to Eno Cordova’s bedroom after sliding through the hole. This is after you have slid through the wires of the Hermit’s Abode.  

Congratulations you have acquired most material you will need later to complete your acquisition of a double bladed lightsaber.

Now the rest of the journey! Dathomire is out of the question. Cause we have already settled the hard part first!

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What about Zaffo and Kasykk?

Now you are familiar with the sad story of Kasykk and its resident Wookies. They were once free residents but eventually fell under the imprisonment of The Empire.

The Fallen Order continues your a.k.a Cal Kestis journey to find the Wookie leader, Tarfful to fight off the governing Imperials.

Walk towards the Imperial Refinery and at the door you will find a chest that houses the emitter. Across the cutter and inside the chest are other materials. Move forward towards the overgrown Pass after defeating the horned nemesis. There you will find a switch!

Piece together double bladed lightsaber after finding the sleeve in the Kyyyalstaad Basin.

The journey through Zaffo is similar to Kasyyk and comparatively simpler.

Collect your pieces to gradually build a lightsaber.

Double Bladed lightsaber Parts?

As you saw above there are five areas where you can play around. Get ready to customize these additions to the double bladed lightsaber after you have unlocked it.

However, first. The five areas include the blade, emitter, sleeve, switch and materials used to build the saber. You can get access to these parts by exploring around in the game. For example above we saw workbenches and chests on every planet.

Each planet holds a style that you can add to our collection. As you move forward you can change the both ends of the blade and the hilt according to your taste. Not to mention the eight rare blade colors!

The catch?

You get to enjoy the basic blue and red color without pouring sweat. However, what about the rest of the colors?

By now you must have noticed I have not talked about the blade colors until later. That is because sadly you will be going a long way to unlock all the blade colors!

After the Dathomir adventure something will happen to your lightsaber. To rebuild the lightsaber you will be given 6 color options including the default red and blue.

Now, much later in the game you can add one more customization option. At any time you can return the lightsaber in Fallen Order and choose a different color between cyan, purple, orange, yellow, green magenta and indigo.

Final Words

You can either use the fastest way to build the double bladed lightsaber on Dathomir. Or take the easier yet lengthy way through Zaffo or Kasykk. Your call!

Better yet. In my opinion you should experience it all.

This way you get a longer time to enjoy the lightsaber. Additionally, you should take turns with all the modes and options. Give more blaster blocks and emit multiple attacks to make the most out of your Star Wars adventure!

Best of all, as of 2023 you have more adventures lined your way in Star Wars Jedi: Survivor with better modes and play options! 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

How do you get the split lightsaber in Jedi fallen order?

Towards the end of the game you get the premium upgrade where you can split the double bladed lightsaber into two individual lightsabers to fight off the enemies. That is probably at the end of the journey on planet Ilum.

How does Cal Kestis get a double bladed lightsaber?

Cal Kestis got his second lightsaber because his previous one was accidentally destroyed by him. He built the second lightsaber with the remaining parts of his former master’s lightsabers. He fused that with the crystals from Ilum to build a versatile lightsaber.

Is the double lightsaber better in Fallen Order?

Compared to a single lightsaber it is definitely a good prize. It does twice the work in protecting you from droids, Bane Spiders and the Imperials. Not to mention the double blade lightsaber has its own powers in ejecting multiple bolts across wide angles.

Can you avoid Double-Bladed Lightsaber Jedi: Fallen Order?

Yes you can avoid the double bladed lightsaber in the Fallen Order. However, I think that beats the purpose of the game. Plus it is twice the trouble than the dual bladed lightsaber that is more convenient and stronger.  

What are the disadvantages of a double-bladed lightsaber?

Double bladed lightsaber looks all mighty. However you need skill to use such a weapon. Especially a strong hand and arm control to twist around the blade. It also requires a wider area to move and to be controlled.

Where can I get a Cal Kestis double bladed lightsaber?

Durable and Convertible Cal Kestis lightsaber replicas are available at Dual Sabers at affordable prices.  You can change the modes and sound motions according to your taste and experience the real feel of Star Wars moments.