Which Jedi use Double-Bladed Lightsabers?

Whoosh whoosh!

What is that you ask?

That's the sound of General Pong Krell wielding his double bladed lightsaber.

Although it’s rare to spot a Jedi holding a dual bladed lightsaber.

Firstly, because they do not see the reason behind holding dual blade emitters. As a Jedi’s purpose is to train, bring justice and maintain peace among the galaxies.

Secondly, a vicious weapon like this is more a Sith style. That is also why the first double bladed lightsaber was made by Dark Lords in the Old Sith Empire.

However, there are powerful and notable Jedi who are known to be the masters of this invention. They saw the need and the demand of the situation. 

If the Jedi were to win against the Sith they had to see eye to eye!

Jedi Double Bladed Lightsaber

Now, a double bladed lightsaber is a specialized weapon that resembles a traditional quarterstaff. Several variants of dual lightsaber like hinged, crossgaurd, spike, split and spinning lightsaber exist.

Each Jedi that held a dual lightsaber added their personal touch and had a brave story to tell.

While there are obvious advantages to dual blades there is also a catch!

A double bladed lightsaber requires extra precision, more arm strength and command over the angles to make the most out of it. It is a good thing that a Jedi’s training and martial arts came to help!

Before we get distracted in the realm of unique lightsabers. Let’s take a look at the notable and powerful Jedi that held double bladed lightsabers.

We will take a start with the famous Jedi, Pong Krell. Usually the first Jedi to be associated with this weapon.  

General Pong Krell: Star Wars Canon

General Pong Krell is a character from the animated star wars franchise who was first introduced in the animated series Star Wars: The Clone Wars.

During the clone wars, General Krell was a Jedi master who worked for the Grand Army Republic. He was renowned for his unconventional methods and disregard for the standard Jedi teachings. As a result, he clashed with both his fellow Jedi and the clone soldiers.

General Krell's double bladed lightsabers were one of his defining characteristics. His lightsaber was different from those of most Jedi in that it featured blades on both sides. Not just that but he carried two of these. Which he used to make an enormous impact in the battle.

Additionally, his usage of double bladed lightsabers was also an evidence of his unconventional and combative style. That ultimately proved to be his downfall.

Pong Krell’s Double-Bladed Lightsaber

Pong Krell like Keeve Trennis mastered utilising two double bladed lightsabers. That served him well in fighting off the troops against the Separatist and Republic Troops.

Another fascinating thing about Master Pong Krell was his use of multiple arms in handling the blades. Yes, the blades! Separately!

His lightsaber was able to fold in the middle for easier storage and joined together two green and blue blades. Pong Krell was an absolute menace in the Battle of Umbara. There he used his weapon with detailed precision and quick speed earning him the title of merciless. His thirst for power was unquenched.

Other Jedi Knights?

Remember when I said how every Jedi has their story to tell?

Let’s see further what journeys several double bladed lightsabers were a part of!

Orla Jerani: High Republic Era

Orla Jerani was first seen in ‘Star Wars: The High Republic Show’ and introduced in ‘Star Wars: Into the Dark’ Novel by Claudia Grey (2021). She was a Jedi padawan under Master Laret Soveral. Additionally, Jerani was courageous and quick witted so she jumped the Jedi ranks quickly.

The special thing about Orla Jerani’s lightsaber was not only the unique color but also the style. She designed a special hilt that allowed her to bend it. Making it possible for two blades to be parallel to each other.

Like its meaning the lightsaber forged a path of its own with its possessor.

Keeve Trennis: High Republic Era

Around the same time there was another Jedi Knight who is known for her self-confidence and the good she had in her. She had utter trust in her connection to the force. While everybody doubted her, Keeve trained hard to be better than her brotherhood.

Trennis was also sarcastic and smart. She knew when to give up. That helped her through her fight against Dringer on Sedri Minor. Furthermore, she stood up against the Jedi Council with her new double bladed lightsaber.

Talking about her lightsaber Keeve carried a green dual bladed lightsaber designed with a new hilt. She has this amazing idea of camouflage. That was a first during her time.

As the situation called for it. She split her double bladed lightsaber into single individual blades to ward off the rebels.

Cere Junda: Star Wars Canon

Care Junda was a female Jedi Knight who went through a rollercoaster of a ride against the Force. At first she was captured and tortured by The Empire from where she escaped. She later rejoined and dedicated her life to restoring the Jedi Order. She took Trilla Suduri and Cal Kestis as her apprentices.

Cere Junda had advanced lightsaber skills enough to face off Darth Vader. Junda is known for her green bladed lightsaber that she used in combination with a blaster pistol. The spinning blades of her double bladed saber were a huge plus against her fight with The Empire.

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Jaro Tapal: Star Wars Canon

Jaro Tpal is not the one to be easily overlooked. Not only did he master his dual emitter lightsaber during his lifetime but left a legacy with the same lightsaber. That was later picked up by his padawan Cal Kestis.

Jaro Tapal already had the height and strength to yield a strong weapon as he belonged to the species Lasat. He used his weapon throughout the Clone Wars to defend his people and serve the Galactic Republic. He ultimately sacrificed himself to the Clone Troopers while remaining loyal.

What sets Jaro Tapal apart is that he was more of a gentle nature. He used his twin bladed lightsaber for defense, training and to oppose aggression rather than violence. True to his Jedi nature!

Cal Kestis: Star Wars Canon

Cal Kestis was forced to choose a new weapon after he accidentally destroyed his previous lightsaber during a vision. It came in handy that he had parts of the lightsaber left from his previous master. He is a famous prodigy of Care Junda and Taro Japal. Kal was greatly impacted by the death of his masters.

In his fight against the invasion of Order 66 he acquired a new lightsaber from the cave of Ilum like all the Jedi. He then used the remains of his master’s lightsaber to build the hilt of his new lightsaber. Then they ignited the weapon with crystals from Ilum to build a new double bladed lightsaber. The journey after that is interesting as well as difficult as he weaved his bath through Bogano and Dathmoir.

Tosan: Star Wars Canon

Tosan was a Jedi Warrior who later became a Jedi Knight after the Battle of Naboo. She had a fast and persistent personality like her species Zygerrian.

Tosan is known for her yellow double bladed lightsaber and tactful mind. She got along with the other Jedi and helped in the quest for the Jedi artefacts,  

Additionally, she served the Jedi Order and Galactic Republic lawfully. Not to mention she was also close with another Jedi Master Obi Wan Kenobi.

Bastilla Shan: Star War Legends

Bastilla Shan was given to the Force by her parents because they thought their travelling lifestyle was not suitable for her. Turns out they did the right thing as Bastilla had a great talent for the power of the Force. She played an important role in the Jedi Civil War and successfully captured Darth Revan. However, later she was captured by Darth Malak.

Bastilla was a strong and undeterred woman from a deep rotted background. Moreover, she was a soft woman who looked at the bright side of things. Due to conflicting matters with the force she later joined the Sith. That’s when she made a new lightsaber that produced red blades from both ends.

Jedi Temple Guards: Star Wars Legends

Jedi temple guards also used yellow double bladed lightsabers like Tosan. Only their lightsabers were like spikes called lightsaber pikes and helped them fly. Fly?!

Yes, as they could spin the blades and that helped them projectile. Jedi Temple guards like Jedi cyborgs were excellent in Combat form three. They were loyal devotees and swore to protect the Jedi temples.

Last Words

It is interesting to see how each Jedi holder of the double bladed added their personal touch to the lightsabers. Now it makes sense as to how you get different variations of the same double bladed lightsaber.

Want to add more? Then why don’t you get yourself a double bladed lightsaber from Dual Sabers where you can enjoy different forms in one weapon. Adding to that you can also customize the colors, materials, sounds and modes in the same lightsaber.

As a Jedi fan, share with us what personal changes you have made to your dual sabers!

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who was the first Jedi to have a double bladed lightsaber?

The first double bladed lightsaber was held by Exar Kun. He was a former Jedi according to Qel Droma Epics who eventually fell to the dark side. Fast forward during the High Republic Era and forward more Jedi are seen holding dual bladed lightsabers.

Can Jedi have double bladed lightsabers?

It is rare to see a Jedi holding a double bladed lightsaber because it is not in Jedi’s nature to gravitate towards a violent weapon. However, there are many Jedi masters who used this weapon to bring peace among the force.

What is the point of a double-bladed lightsaber?

It’s obvious that two blades will do twice the work than a single blade. So a double bladed lightsaber covers more area and is a better defense weapon. It produces twice as many blasts yet requires expertise.

Where can I get a double bladed lightsaber?

You can get durable twin bladed lightsabers at reasonable prices and fast service at Dual Sabers. We offer multiple customizable options with long battery life.

Which lightsaber form to use with a twin bladed lightsaber?

Jar’Kai, Form 6 (Niman) or Form 3 are by far the most useful forms used by Star Wars multiple blade lightsaber enthusiasts.