OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica
OWK Original Replica

OWK Original Replica

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  • Superbright Light with 12 Color Options
  • Combat Grade 92cm Polycarbonate blade
  • Unbreakable Frosted Aluminum Alloy Hilt
  • Various Ignition and Blade Modes
  • Realistic Sound Effects with Motion Sensors
  • Realistic Flash on Clash
  • Long lasting lithium Battery
  • Fitted Neopixel LEDs in Blade (Neopixel Variation)
  • Customize SoundFonts via SD Card (Neopixel Variation)
  • Premium Xeno V2 Soundboard (Neopixel Variation)



Super Bright Light: 50 Watt RGB LED with 12 light presets (color options).

Realistic Sound effects: Very Loud volume adjustable speaker.

Combat Grade Blade: 92cm very strong ultra durable polycarbonate blade.

Realistic Flash on Clash: Realistic flash on clash effect when the lightsaber hits something.

Sounds Themes: RGB Lightsaber contains 9 built in sound themes where as neopixel contains 34 sound themes.

Removable Battery: Removable Lithium ion 3600 mAh battery so that you can last the whole day of cosplay without charging.

Power Gestures: Twisting lightsaber or sudden forward motion can turn the lightsaber on or off (only in neopixel variation).

Smooth Swing: Smooth swing feature gives a seamless smooth swinging sound that enhances the experience.

Customization: Lightsaber soundfonts, colors and more can be further customizable via SD card.

Double Blade Support: Two lightsaber can be easily joined together to make a double bladed lightsaber (Requires a lightsaber connector).

Ignition Modes: Various starting options for lightsaber like photon ignition, stack ignition, warp ignition Broken ignition, phaser ignition etc. (only in neopixel variation).

Blade Modes: Blade can be turned into many modes as Standard, Fire Blade, Unstable, Ghost blade, rainbow blade, blaster blade etc. (only 3 Modes in RGB).

Design: This design replicates Obi-Wan Kenobi lightsaber or Obiwan lightsaber or Obi Wan Kenobi lightsaber


Hilt: 27cm long Frosted Aluminum Alloy

Blade in RGB: Light diffusing Combat grade Polycarbonate Empty Blade

Blade in Neopixel: Light diffusing Combat grade Polycarbonate fitted Neopixel LED Blade

Battery: 3.7v 18650 3000mAh with up to 6hrs battery life

Charging: 5v Micro USB

LED Colors: RGB Colors with 12 Presets

Package Contents Include:

1x Hilt with Kit and Battery

1x Blade

1x USB charging Cable

1x Memory card (with neopixel variation)

1x User Manual

1x Hexagon Wrench

2x Spare Screws


Blade Length 92 cm or 36 inches
Blade Diameter
24.5 mm or 1 inch
Blade Material Combat Grade Polycarbonate
Hilt length 27cm
Blade Thickness 2mm
Hilt Material Frosted Aluminum Alloy
Board Type
Xeno V2 Soundboard
Colors Preset 12 colors options
Battery 3.7v, 18650 36000mAh
Charging Micro USB, 4-5hrs Charging Time

Customer Reviews

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Oscar Rios

This is perfect for what I need. It has the multiple colors and sounds to choose. It’s strong enough to use to have some duels with and to learn how to move around without fear to drop it and it break.