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      Dual Sabers is ready to welcome you with custom neopixel lightsabers that are beyond your imagination. From our worthy experience we know what is agitating the minds of Star Wars warriors. Finding that one perfect starkiller neopixel lightsaber is no easy feat. That is why we have committed our years of experience into building blades and hilts that will satiate your Star Wars craving.

      Scroll through our wide variety of neopixel lightsabers to find your side of the force. In fact, who says that you have to choose a side? You can experience it all at the Dual Sabers. Whether you are on the ‘Light side’ standing by the Star Wars universe laws or on the ‘Dark side’. We have the perfect colors for you.

      Additionally, shopping at Dual Sabers is never boring. We have gathered a list of customizable options to best your DIY retractable neopixel lightsabers. You cannot go wrong with any Star Wars purpose that you want to serve with Dual Saber neopixel lightsabers.

      If you want to use our strong Obi Wan neopixel lightsaber for cosplay then you have met your match. Or do you simply want to add certain blades to your already building collection? Consider it done!

      Not to add, we have neopixel lightsabers for sale that are eye-catching in regards to diverse and pronounced effects. Attractive enough to win over the young and old custom neopixel lightsaber lovers. Our chosen material and advanced technology will last you the promised time for a cool flex in front of your friends.   

      Our primary goal is to satisfy the customer’s needs. 

      Amazingly, you must have noticed that Dual Sabers website is designed to be easy to navigate. It is a relief that unlike the competitors you will not have to browse through dozens of pages to find the ultimate neopixel lightsaber.

      Furthermore, Dual Sabers is a one-stop website where you will find the detailed description of all the best affordable lightsabers. Along with customizable options. To best it all we offer the most durable blades coupled with personalized hilts. 

      We have it all!

      Neopixel Lightsabers: The Ultimate Jedi Experience

      Neopixel lightsabers are the best because they are not only budget friendly but also easy to use. That is why Dual Saber Neopixel sabers are a game changer in the world of cheapest neopixel lightsabers. As all the neopixel blade lights are controlled through one input it has quickly become the breakthrough. 

      You do not have to go through complex procedures to switch from a single to double bladed lightsaber. Hence, you can easily see how neopixel lightsabers are superior as they give you a space to play around with and mimic your favorite Star Wars ideas. Amazingly at dual sabers all of it is a one step process.

      Most of all why you should not pass up our neopixel lightsaber is because we offer multiple options. You can control all the LEDs in the neopixel strips to enjoy several blade and color effects including strike, smooth swing, and flash on clash etc.

      Customization Options for Neopixel Lightsabers

      Our products are tested and approved by a specialized team before they are displayed on our website. We value quality products and easily programmable neopixel lightsabers. You can customize your lightsaber from the blade to the hilt. 

      Additionally, our best selling and durable Nevio and Ringer lightsaber are famous among the customers because of the strength they offer during a strong duel. Our lightsabers offer a realistic experience because we use unbreakable aluminum alloy hilts housing realistic sound effect soundboards and motion sensors.

      Not everybody has the same taste when it comes to customizing neopixel lightsabers. To satisfy everyone we have come up with a wide variety of options. You can mimic your favorite Star Wars character or customize a completely new neopixel lightsaber. You can control the volume as well as the intensity and number of lights. The best part is that you can enjoy multiple effects and character sounds on a long battery life.

      Not everything is about features. For those aiming for an aesthetic saber we have just the colors and multiple material options for you. 

      From a light grade blade to a stronger bronzed hilt you can complete all your Star Wars missions with us. 

      The Sound of a Jedi: Exploring the Sound Effects of Neopixel Lightsabers

      You cannot say that you have experienced it all if you have not had the chance of enjoying realistic sound effects. Dual Sabers offers you 34 sound themes so you can get the ultimate knight neopixel lightsaber fun. The sounds are clear and uninterrupted.

      From what we have seen neopixel hoarders often complain about sound quality and syncing of the motion effects. However, you have nothing to worry about here. We guarantee you a never fading experience. The hilt is tested and connected to the blade directly. So you will face no problems during a good duel.

      We at Dual Sabers like to enhance your experience by adding a little spice. Can you imagine the plethora of effects you can enjoy with our customizable options? So if you have a little something in your mind. 

      With your special Jedi sounds you are welcome to play with our durable neopixel sabers. The sound fonts are easily customizable via SD card.

      Illuminate Your World: The Many Types of Blade Effects Available

      As soon as you get your hands on a Dual Saber neopixel lightsaber you cannot overlook the noticeable difference between what we offer compared to our rivals. For further exploration you can watch small videos on our website. The quality of light effects on the neopixel blade are clear and highly pixelated.

      Most of our neopixel lightsabers including the mando neopixel darksaber has 50 Watt RGB LED with 12 light presets (color options). Excitingly the lights are in sync with the modes and motion sensors so you can live the realistic joy of a Star Wars jedi fight.

      Due to easy blade operations you can master your fights with a neopixel lightsaber in no time!

      Conclusion - Neopixel Lightsabers: The Best Choice for Jedi Enthusiasts

      It is not like us to sit back and watch you struggle with your saber technology. We make sure that you have a spectacular hands-on experience on our easy to browse website.

      Dual Sabers focuses on selling quality and premium products. Our warranty policy ensures that there are no doubts lingering in your minds. In case you face any issue within the warranty days. You will get an immediate replacement or free rectification.

      In case of any questions check out our customer reviews and videos. Our order and tracking policy is easy to access. Place your orders and get ready to add a new neopixel lightsaber to your already prideful collection.

      Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

      What are the advantages of a NeoPixel lightsaber?

      Neopixel lightsabers are an advanced technology that is easy to control and reasonably priced. The ‘Neopixel’ strip lights used in the blade give an unmatchable illumination. Not to mention unanimous control over a number of several neopixel LEDs.

      What type of LED is a NeoPixel?

      Neopixel is an individually addressable LED that is easy to command and is programmable through a controller. You can use the three original pixels to create a plethora of shades. Best part is they are moldable and can be contoured into any shape.

      How long do neopixel lightsabers last before needing a recharge?

      At Dual Sabers we use long lasting lithium batteries for neopixel lightsabers. On a good day a single battery charge can last you a strong dual and more. Additionally, the batteries are replaceable and rechargeable.

      Are neopixel lightsabers good for dueling?

      Majority of the neopixel lightsabers are durable and resilient. They are designed with materials that can stand the force of a strong duel. The combination of a strong metallic build and a high grade polycarbonate blade can take it all.

      What is the cheapest neopixel lightsaber?

      Dual Saber prides itself in providing premium products at reasonable prices so nobody is left out. Our Solstice and Fencer neopixel lightsabers can go as low as $19 on a good sale day. If not on sale you will find the best prices at Dual Sabers on a normal day!

      Why is neopixel better than rgb?

      If you place a neopixel and an RGB lightsaber side by side you will be able to tell the obvious differences. Neopixels have better blade illumination, more customization options in regards to modes and sound effects. In some cases the material used for building the neopixel is better and more durable. However, neopixel lightsabers are costlier than rgb lightsabers.