What Does a Yellow Lightsaber Mean?

A Jedi with a blue or a green lightsaber. Check.

A Jedi with a yellow lightsaber. Double check.

Wait. What?

So you thought there were only blue and green lightsabers associated with the Jedi huh?

Time to revise your Star Wars knowledge because there has been an introduction of unique colors like yellow.

Or is it only the Jedi that is seen with the yellow lightsaber? Pretty sure you are screaming yes in your head remembering Rey Skywalker.

However, what if I tell you that there is more to yellow lightsabers than Rey Skywalker?

Might as well think of yellow lightsabers as a most unique color in the Star Wars franchise. They come with unique characteristics that defy the normal Jedi rules.

Now, what could be those rules, and what is the meaning of the yellow lightsaber?

Let’s find out starting with the meaning. To make it easy we will decode the meaning according to the time periods in the Star Wars universe!


Yellow Lightsabers & Star Wars Canon

Normally a Jedi will bond with his Kyber Crystal and wait for the color to appear according to his personality. Similarly blue and green lightsabers have been formed that way. We also know that Jedi are ranked in The Order according to their ‘School of thought’. The color of the Jedi lightsaber is associated with his ranking.

In the early Clone Wars era, there are a good number of Jedi with blue and green sabers. Yet there is a third rank known as the ’Jedi Sentinels’ who yield yellow lightsabers. They are quite different yet similar to the Jedi Consular and Jedi Guardians.


According to Disney ‘Canon’ Jedi Sentinels are the bridge between the Jedi Consular and Jedi Guardians.

‘Sentinels are unique and unlike the other ranks, they do not wait to connect with the force. They use handy skills and work mostly outside of the force.' 


‘Sentinels specialize in medicine, art, machinery, spy personnel, or work as investigators. Unlike the Jedi guardian and consular they are intellectual and take a realistic approach.’

This example will help you understand in a flash!

If there is a problem a Jedi Guardian with a blue lightsaber will use his combat skills to eliminate the opponent or the problem. On the other hand, the Jedi Consular with a green lightsaber will use a diplomatic and philosophical approach like Master Yoda. However, when it comes to Jedi Sentinel he will rely on his computer or medicine skills to solve a problem. If push comes to shove they will literally pick up a screwdriver and get to work.

Yellow Lightsaber & The Clone Wars

The Clone Wars is where you will track many yellow lightsabers. They are actually weapons handed to the ‘Jedi Temple Guards’. The guards are handpicked from ‘The Order’ to serve their calling by protecting the Jedi Temple.


They hold yellow pike Kyber Crystal lightsabers that are meant to protect the Jedi knowledge, contents, sanctuary, and more. Once they are promoted to the guards the Jedi knights leave their previous lightsaber. Not only that, but the yellow lightsaber is also an excuse to make the temple guards different and discreet. How?

Instead of the wacky individual weapons like Snoke’s Praetorian guards, the Jedi temple guards wear their weapons and costumes like a uniform.

‘The idea is that they are not recognized and are emotionally dethatched.’

Pretty good right?

‘These Jedi have given up their identity as an honor to serve the secrets of the Jedi Temple while holding a double-bladed yellow lightsaber. This way they blend in and multiply among themselves to do their job.’

It’s sad that with the Clone Wars there are not many left and you see more green and blue lightsabers.


A bought off yellow lightsaber?

In Clone Wars a yellow lightsaber was spotted on another occasion when it was bought off the black market by the bounty hunter Asajj Ventress. Will Nicholas designed it meant originally for her character.

Her lightsaber was more blade-like with a cylindrical hilt rather than the pikes of the Jedi temple guards.

‘Asajj continued using her yellow lightsaber for the rest of her bounty-hunting career. Other than that for Asajj's character, there is no deep meaning in the yellow lightsaber.’


Yellow Lightsaber & The Legends

Skywalker again? You are right. Star Wars would be incomplete without a Skywalker carrying the movie. Don’t you agree?

Well, can’t say that is the only reason. Yellow is popularly associated with Rey Skywalker and her belief is first shown in the Rise of Skywalkers.

Rey may have been from the Palpatine bloodline, his granddaughter to be exact, but she never felt attached. In fact, went ahead and fought against Palpatine defying her destiny. She recognized and introduced herself as a Skywalker when asked by a woman on planet Tatooine.

Why is it important to know her history? We know that the Kyber Crystals show the color that reflects your personality and belief. For many fans, it was a magical moment when Rey Skywalker lifted her lightsaber and an unmistakable yellow appeared against the deserts of Tatooine. It was not blue like the lightsaber she has using but a clear yellow. Interestingly the beam was attached to a hilt that Rey has herself constructed from scrapes she collected in Jakku.

‘For Rey, the appearance of a unique color represents her fight against her destiny. Her declaration to be a Skywalker. Also, it represents her as the only Jedi Skywalker left standing at the end. She is the singular carrier of the Jedi knowledge and must guard it. Her solidarity to the path of light and commitment to all Jedi schools of thought. Lastly and importantly yellow represents Rey embracing the force in its entirety.’


Luke’s secret yellow lightsaber?

Luke Skywalker with a yellow lightsaber?

Green and blue are okay because we have seen that in the movies but a yellow lightsaber? Don’t worry that is because Luke hasn’t got his screen time with a yellow lightsaber. Yet. There are a lot of mysteries involved with Luke Skywalker’s past. This is your time to get all the answers to the mysteries plaguing your mind.

The new Star Wars Web Comic shows art from Jesus Seiz that is written by Charles Soule. It tells the ‘Unseen adventures of Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia and the Rebel Alliance’ which will answer many mysteries. One hint indicated on the illustrated cover by R.B.Silva showed a younger Luke Skywalker holding a yellow lightsaber. This sixth Star Wars issue printed in 2020 showed Luke searching for his lost lightsaber while fighting against Darth Vader.

‘As a replacement, he uses a yellow lightsaber. For now, there is no special meaning to it.’

Since the comic doesn’t have screen time. Head on to the nearest store and grab yourself a comic to satisfy your burning curiosity.


Were there other Jedi?

We have already established that a few Jedi have yielded a yellow lightsaber. Apart from the Skywalkers and guardians were there other Jedi?

Asoka Tano used two green lightsabers prior to her unusual white saber. However, one of them was actually more yellow green. Adding to that, there has been an appearance of certain Jedi in Star Wars Legend that used yellow lightsaber. In this case, you can see that apart from the meanings above there is no special meaning to the yellow saber but more an indication of a practical approach to balance.

· Ganner Rhysode

· Tyvokka

· Bastila Shan

· Plo Koon

· Mallie Merek

· Anja Gallandro


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Now that we know the meaning of the yellow lightsaber there are still burning questions left to be answered. The meaning will help us establish the Star Wars ground rules about the side of the force and the origin of the yellow saber.

Found or bought?

The yellow lightsaber is a type of its own.

Unlike the other lightsabers where the Jedi go in search of their Kyber Crystal to the planets of Ilum and Dantooine yellow lightsaber is different. It is more of the property of the order.

Yes so are the rest of the Kyber Crystals. But with the rest, you bond with crystal and wait for the color to appear.

Yellow lightsabers as in the case of the Temple Guards are handed to them as part of their duty and uniform. So the guards are more like secondary owners. Similarly, Rey Skywalker's yellow lightsaber was a surprise. But then it also makes sense as Rey was the balance between the red and blue lightsaber. A Palpatine that continued the Skywalker legacy. The question about the source of her yellow lightsaber remains unanswered.

Then there is an antagonist Asajj Ventress, as mentioned before, who bought the lightsaber from the black market, this is why pinning down the source of the yellow lightsaber is not an easy and clear feat. Each lightsaber has a story of its own.


Good or Bad?

I wouldn’t label the yellow lightsaber as good or bad because it does not has the clear distinction as the blue and red lightsaber. The yellow lightsaber is more of a balance and an independent lightsaber that stands on its own.

However, as represented by Rey Skywalker it is practical and less likely to fall on the dark side.

Also, the yellow lightsaber represents skills that knock the force down a notch. Meaning it can act separately from the force. So, if we look at it through the knowledge, combat, and art pursuit where the force might fail you. A yellow lightsaber is a good thing and will be there to save the day!


Appearance of yellow lightsaber

Star Wars 2020 sixth edition cover features Luke Skywalker's yellow lightsaber in bold for the first time. Though there have been appearances before as well, especially with Rey Skywalker. When and where? Let’s take a look at all the appearances!

Luke’s Yellow lightsaber

· Star Wars (2020) 8, 10 (Cover only), 13, 16 (Vision to Luke Skywalker), Darth Vader (2020)16, 19, 20, 26.

Rey Skywalker Lightsaber

· Episode IX of the Sky Wars: The Skywalker Saga: (First appearance)

· Expanded Edition of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

· The audiobook Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker: Expanded Edition

· A young adult novel called Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

· Audiobook of Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker for young people

· The Skywalker Saga: Silver Book

· The Rise of Skywalker, a Star Wars film Display Comics

· The Rise of Skywalker, a Star Wars film Disney book from Die-Cut Classics

· An adaptation of the graphic novel Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker

The Temple Guards Lightsaber & Other Appearances

· Out of the Shadows: The High Republic

· Audiobook: The High Republic: Out of the Shadows

· Ahsoka & Padmé in Star Wars: Forces of Destiny

· "Sabotage" from Star Wars: The Clone Wars (First appearance)

· "The Wrong Jedi" from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

· "Voices" from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

What more?

What the future holds for Rey’s yellow lightsaber is a mystery. But an interesting one as that. No? As the last Jedi standing there are several directions where this could take a turn.


The thing is yellow lightsaber has always been in the picture during the Galactic Republic before the canon and the clone wars. There could be new characters in the future bringing new meaning to the lightsaber!

Stay tuned. Also, check out the meaning of the cyan lightsaber here.


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Why did Rey's lightsaber turn yellow?

Rey’s lightsaber took an unexpected color because of her defiance against the inherent legacy and stand with the Skywalkers. The lightsaber had the usual Kyber Crystal but when she raised the lightsaber it ignited into a clear yellow plasma blade.

What famous Jedi use a yellow lightsaber?

A Jedi master of high council Tyvokka used a yellow lightsaber during the Galactic Empire. He was a respected and confident member who trained many padawans under him.

Was Plo Koon’s lightsaber different in Star Wars Canon and the Legends?

Plo Koon fought during hyperspace war with his blue lightsaber in Star Wars: The Clone Wars. Whereas in the legends he is associated with a yellow lightsaber being a skilled warrior and a padawan of Tyyvokka himself.

Is the yellow lightsaber the strongest?

The yellow lightsaber, being rare and in good hands, is quite the strongest lightsaber overall. You can say that it can compete with the ‘Darksaber’ while assisting the purple lightsaber.

Is yellow a rare lightsaber?

One of the most uncommon weapons that a Jedi can wield is a yellow lightsaber. They have been used by Jedi Master Plo Koon, Ahsoka Tano, and Rey Skywalker on occasion, but they are largely the Jedi Sentinel's blade color.

Why is a yellow lightsaber so rare?

In the Star Wars world, yellow lightsaber users are not frequently seen. That is because of the scarcity of the Jedi Sentinels themselves mostly due to the Clone Wars.

Was the Yellow lightsaber ever traded for the Red one?

Bastila Shan, a Jedi Sentinel, traded her yellow Kyber Crystal for the red one when she spent time with Sith's apprentice. Before then she was a member of the Jedi Order during the Jedi Civil War.

How did Luke lose his yellow lightsaber?

Luke Skywalker lost his lightsaber in a confrontation with his father, Sith Lord Darth Vader, on Bespin shortly after the Battle of Hoth in 3 ABY.