What Does a Cyan Lightsaber Mean?

 Are you one of those Star Wars fanatics who has been confusing the blue and cyan lightsaber?

Although it is easy to see why. As both the sabers are similar in meaning and what not!

The difference lies in their users and how the lightsabers were introduced to the fans.

You already know what I am talking about. Don’t you?

Hours and hours of playing ‘Star Wars: The Fallen Order’ would have given you a chance to stumble upon a cyan lightsaber. Cal Kestis is known for holding the cyan lightsaber once you achieve a certain level.

Cal is a force-sensitive Jedi knight who survived the purge and came out more determined than ever. However, are all cyan lightsaber users like Cal Kestis, or are they different?

Find out about the meaning, users, and their journey in this article.

Let’s get started!


Meaning of cyan lightsaber

Many fans have come up with several theories as to what the color cyan means.

Cyan actually represents a shade between green and blue. Meaning the person yielding the cyan lightsaber has qualities that match the blue and green lightsaber yielders.

‘From the characters that are clearly seen holding the cyan lightsabers, they have displayed calm and collected personalities. They get their intellect and force knowledge from the blue shade and their peace and protection streak from the blue shade’.

Notice how all the cyan lightsaber holders were part of The Order once? They have received the Jedi training and all started from the light side and mostly remained true to their nature.

Time to see if that is true. Read on!


Cyan Lightsaber & Star Wars Canon

The cyan lightsaber is clearly seen in the hands of the Jed knight Cal Kestis. A fictional character that appears in the ‘Star Wars: The Fallen Order’ game.

Cal originally had a blue lightsaber he used during his training days as a padawan under Jaro Tapal. The Kyber crystal was acquired from the caves of Ilum and remained a constant weapon will the commencement of Order 66. It was a single bladed lightsaber but was lost while deflecting blaster shots from the clones during Order 66.

Now, this is where the cyan lightsaber comes into the picture. Jaro Tapal gave Cal his double bladed lightsaber after his fall. Although the lightsaber was damaged Cal modified it for use. It was originally a double bladed lightsaber but had lost one blade.

‘The theory suggests that due to the crushed state and further modification the lightsaber had shifted to a mix of green and blue. So now the cyan lightsaber had the qualities of Jaro Tapal as well the personality of Cal Kestis’.

Although in the game Cal Kestis uses other lightsaber colors as well cyan is a unique piece!


Cyan Lightsaber & Star Wars Legend

Although a cyan lightsaber is famously associated with Cal Kestis sadly his journey ends in Star Wars Canon. Continuing outside of the Canon, in Star Wars Legends other Jedi knights like Meetra Surrik and Nikkos Tyris come into the picture to show off their cyan lightsaber during the old republic days. However, both add different meanings and values to the cyan lightsaber.

How? Let’s look into it!

Meetra Surrik

Although Meetra Surrik was strongly connected with the force she was described as ‘Undisciplined’ by Vrook Lamark. After the Mandalorian Wars, she was the first Jedi master who also went by the name ‘The Exile’. Although she rose in the ranks quickly she also fought against the Mandalorians disobeying the rules of the Jedi High Council. This led her to break all connections with the force.

‘Interesting thing is that she is one of the Jedi who after much rebellion managed not to fall onto the dark side. True to cyan lightsaber meaning she gave herself up to the Jedi Council at the end to be held accountable for her crimes’.

After her exile, she wandered the peripheral space for a decade.

Meetra Surrik is famously known for the way she carried herself! She always had her blaster pistol, an armband and most importantly a self made cyan lightsaber. There was a point when her lightsaber was taken away by Atris due to the exile. Even then she managed to build herself a new cyan lightsaber with the help of the technician Bao Dur.


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Nikkos Tyris

Nikkos Tyris was a male Anzati who like Meetra Surrik was part of the Order first. During the late Republic Classic era, he served as a Jedi knight to the Galactic Empire. That was until he fell to the dark side and joined Count Dooku during Clone Wars.

Although Nikkos has his lightsaber all along it leans more on the azure side. He used his lightsaber for some gruesome tasks after falling to the dark side. He handles the azure lightsaber in a particular way where he rotates the lightsaber in a triangular manner and pointed toward the ground. This effectively slashed his opponent from groin to neck in one smooth delivery.

‘Lastly, there is no special meaning to Nikkos Azure lightsaber’.


Cyan Lightsaber in Multiple Games?

There has not been any character development associated directly with the cyan lightsaber other than in ‘Star Wars: The Fallen Order’. However, the cyan lightsaber has been offered in multiple Star Wars games before The Fallen Order. If you are a hardcore videogame player then you must already know about the list mentioned below!

  • Star Wars Galaxies: Sunrider’s Destiny lightsaber crystal players (2003)
  • Star Wars Knights of the Old Republic II: The Sith Lords (2004)
  • Star Wars: The Old Republic (2011)

In these iconic games that offer a variety of Kyber crystals, you can get your crystal through trade from merchants or by exchanging with one of the other players. Better yet you get the option of carrying the crystal for yourself. This is also one of the reasons why the ‘Old Republic II: The Sith Lords 2004’ blew up.

Furthermore, ‘Star Wars: The Old Republic 2011’ allows the players to acquire their colored crystals in two ways. Either you go to the Artificer that can create the colors or you buy it from the vendors if they have the lightsaber!


Appearance of Cyan Lightsaber

Cal Kestis lightsaber

  • Audiobook: Brotherhood
  • The video game Jedi: Fallen Order (1st appearance)
  • Dark Temple 5 from Jedi Fallen Order (Mentioned)
  • Jedi: War wounds
  • Audiobook: Jedi: Battle Scars
  • Jedi from Star Wars: Survivor

Meetra Surrik lightsaber

  • The Sith Lords in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II (1st appearance)
  • Audiobook ‘The Old Republic: Revan’ (Identified)
  • The Old Republic of Star Wars (As a ghost)

Nikkos Tyris lightsaber

    • I, Jedi (In a dream)
    • Future Perspective (Mentioned)
    • Unabridged audiobook of Vision of the Future (Mentioned)


What More?

Cyan lightsaber is one of the rare colors that has been developed into the movies less than you see in the videogames and audiobooks. Also, the cyan lightsaber has no specific meaning to it other than representing a cool collected personality. It also shows attributes of the Blue and Green lightsaber Jedi. With the increasing star wars franchise, I hope we get to see more of it during the screen time giving us a deeper insight into the rare color. 

Also, there have been speculations that Luke Skywalker once had a cyan lightsaber. I still think it was more blue than cyan. Due to the different shooting sites, Luke’s lightsaber has seen differences in shades and confused many fans.

If you still think otherwise read about the blue lightsaber here!


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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Does anyone have a cyan lightsaber?

One of the few characters, Meetra, is specifically mentioned as possessing a blue lightsaber. This description is taken from KotOR II: The Sith Lords, a Star Wars video game. When Meetra and Atris came face to face, the saber was visibly on display.

Is cyan a lightsaber color?

Cyan has only ever been observed in a lightsaber in the video game Star Wars Jedi: Fallen Order. Cal Kestis, a character in the game, has access to a cyan lightsaber.

Is Cyan lightsaber stronger than the blue lightsaber?

There has been no evidence that the cyan lightsaber is stronger than the blue one. Although cyan shares the essence of a blue lightsaber in many areas. So it could be possible that they hold the same power.

Is Anakin's lightsaber cyan?

The lightsaber that Anakin Skywalker used, which was plainly blue and well suited to his character, was transferred from Anakin to Luke to Rey via Finn.

Is Luke's lightsaber cyan?

In ‘Star Wars: A New Hope, Episode IV’ the hue of Luke's lightsaber is a light blue that almost resembles a white lightsaber. However, in the prequel movies, the identical blade is dark blue. Therefore, it is understandable why the viewers would mistake the blue blade for cyan.

What Jedi used a cyan lightsaber?

In Star Wars Legends, Jedi Master Meetra Surrik from the Old Republic era, sometimes known as "Jedi Exile," uses a cyan lightsaber.