What Does a Blue Lightsaber Mean?

Can you remember the last time you spotted a blue lightsaber while watching Star Wars?

Do not rack your brain too much because the color has always been there.

Since the beginning, the blue and red colors have been representative of the ‘light’ and ‘dark’ forces. It was later that several colors including red, blue, black, yellow, green, and purple came into the picture.

According to Star Wars Clones, the blue lightsaber is associated with the Jedi warriors, or knights and the rest for guardians, and consular. However, it does not stop here.

There is a variation of hues, sources, and possessors among the blue lightsabers as well!

It would not be uncomplicated if it is not Star Wars. Right?

But then cheer up!

We are here to debunk all confusions vexing the Jedi admirers. By breaking down the Blue lightsaber’s meaning, appearance, sources, and more.

Let’s dive in.


Made or Found?

The essential component of the lightsaber is the blade. More than it is the crystal. A strong blade is formed when the crystal resonates and produces a special color no matter where it is obtained.

Usually, the Jedi use the crystals obtained from the planets Ilum, Adega, and Dantooine. The natural ores are collected and then the Jedi will meditate with the Kyber crystal for days. The meditation helps the crystal align with the force of the possessor and gives a special color.

Each crystal has a unique power and when the force is instilled the color comes out matching the will of the force. For Jedi, the color is symbolic blue. However, there have been exceptions like Luke Skywalker who had no access to the natural ore at Tatooine.

So he used a synthetic crystal. Luke used a special furnace that Obi Wan Possessed to build the crystal at his house. Later he meditated and channeled his force and personality into the crystal turning it blue.


On the contrary synthetic crystals are more Sith’s style. Sith used exceptional varieties like stones and gems other than Kyber crystals to prepare their lightsabers in custom made furnaces. Though these weapons were strong enough to break the Jedi lightsabers because the synthetic crystals matched with the dark force perfectly. The blade that was prepared this way had vicious properties.

Although there have been many times in Star Wars history when the red Sith blades were purified by the Jedi and used to fight against the dark side.


Crystals or More?

Not all lightsaber blades were made of Kyber crystal found on planets Ilum, Adega, and Dantooine. Over the years you will see that apart from the Kyber crystal at times the lightsabers were also made from gems, glass, and stones like diamonds. However, they were not preferred because these sources could not be used as strong weapons as the Kyber crystals. Their illumination was highly sought after. Particularly the lightsabers made of Kunda Stones had a broader beam and were used specifically in medicine by the Jedi as a replacement for Kyber stones.


Why Blue?

Since the first Star Wars films, there have been two prominent color revelations. Red and blue lightsaber colors. The Blue represented the light side of the force so the red was obviously left to the darker side. In other words, the sabers were yielded by the sworn iconic Star Wars opponents the Jedi and the Sith. As opposed to the Sith who fought Sith fought for overpower and control the Jedi worked to,

‘maintain peace and balance in the galaxy’

Other than that the color has everything to do with the user's force. A Jedi used the force to bring prosperity and hence the crystal responded with a similar color. So the meaning behind the blue color is,

‘nobility, purity, strength, trust, and stability.’

Who used the Blue Lightsaber?

You must have noticed that even though the blue color represents the light side of the force. There is still variation among every blue you came across in the series.

That is because there have been many possessors of the blue lightsaber. No, not the same lightsaber yet they had a similar color. Just like every Jedi is unique in its way, the color of the Jedi’s blade is also exceptional to their personality and characteristics. That is why Anakin Skywalker’s first lightsaber was dark blue while Ben Skywalker was aquamarine. Similarly, Nikkos Tyris’ was azure compared to Ki Adi Mundi’s indigo.


Furthermore, you will see a mixture of medium blue with black, blue, and cyan cores in Star Wars: Rebels.

Still don’t understand?

Read on about the list of famous Jedi who possessed the blue lightsabers. What made their blue shades and personalities different from each other?

  • Luke Skywalker: Loyal and composed.
  • Obi Wan Kenobi: Determined and focused.
  • Kanan Jarrus: Blessing in disguise and foreseer.
  • Anakin Skywalker (early): Caring, generous and confident.
  • Shaak Ti: Calm and compassionate.
  • Plo Koon: Disciplined and kind.
  • Rey Skywalker: Strong willpower and strength.
  • Ki Adi Mundi: Intelligence, Logic, and wisdom.
  • Ezra Bridger: Peaceful and serene.
  • Leia Organa: Highly skilled and devoted.
  • Aayla Secura: Expert combat and fighting stance.
  • Nikkos Tyris (early): Fast and swift.
  • Meetra Surik (early): Charismatic and efficient.
  • Tera Sinube: Clever and witty.

Note: Early is mentioned against all the Jedi Knights that later converted to the dark side of the force and changed their lightsabers and thus their colors.


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Are Jedi the only ones?

Jedi are the only ones spotted yielding blue lightsabers. True to the color Jedi act as supervisors and gatekeepers of the galaxy bringing peace and destroying any kind of negative commotion. Every Jedi as part of The Order is trained to be skilled in lightsaber combating. They are trained from an early age usually under the supervision of a master where they also learn other techniques like telekinesis. Though a lightsaber is their most hands-on weapon they are skilled in other aspects as well.

A Jedi heads into a battlefield with utmost confidence trusting his lightsaber. Throughout the Star Wars parallel universe, all the famous blue lightsaber wielders were confident, strong, and loyal to the cause. If not they also bore the consequences. The biggest and the fiercest duel of all times was when Luke Skywalker had to face his father Anakin Skywalker in the form of Darth Vader and win at all costs.

Although many other Jedi have been injured during their missions the Blue lightsaber stayed with them to the last of the military duels. Only the Jedi has the power to command a lightsaber like no other once it is tuned to the yielder.


Appearance of Blue Lightsaber?

Blue lightsaber first appeared in Star Wars 1977, New Hope Novelization, as a plot element from the Star Wars franchise by Lucasfilm. It was shown as an embedded crystal in the lightsaber. Later Luke Skywalker appeared to be the first possessor of the blue lightsaber. Other appearances include,

· Knights of the Old Republic in Star Wars: Opening

· Knights of Suffering in Star Wars: The Old Republic Knights of the Old Republic 48

· Knights of the Old Republic is a video game.

· Sith Lords in Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic II

· The Old Republic of Star Wars

· The Hutt Cartel: Rise of the Old Republic in Star Wars

· The Old Republic of Star Wars: Galactic Strongholds

· The Old Republic's Shadow of Revan in Star Wars

· The Old Republic's Knights of the Fallen Empire in Star Wars

· The Old Republic: Knights of the Eternal Throne in Star Wars

· Onslaught from Star Wars: The Old Republic

· A Brief History of Obi-Wan Kenobi

· Dark Hunter Darth Maul

· Star Wars: The Path to Truth

· 1st Jedi Quest · Jedi Quest: The Grand Finale

· "Chapter 14" from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

· "Chapter 15" from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

· "The Gathering" from Star Wars: The Clone Wars

· The Clone Wars episode "A Test of Strength" from Star Wars (First identified as kyber crystal)

· The Clone Wars episode "Bound for Rescue" from Star Wars

· The Clone Wars episode "A Necessary Bond" from Star Wars

· Jedi Healer in MedStar II

· The dark warning from The Last of the Jedi

· Street of Shadows from Coruscant Nights II

· The Force Unleashed - Star Wars

· The Force Unleashed II - Star Wars

· The Yavin Jewel

· Galaxy of the Star Wars: An Empire Divided

· Imperial Warfare: Star Wars

· Empire at War: Forces of Corruption from Star Wars

· Young Jedi Knights: Lightsabers

· Dark Nest: The Swarm War

What More?

Blue is by far the most common color. It will keep popping up in the Star Wars series. That is a promise! As in all Star Wars sequels, you will see Rey Skywalker holding the blue lightsaber that is more like a Skywalker heritage.

As a true Skywalker fan, there is no way you do not have a blue lightsaber waiting for you once you stop reading this blog.

Yield your blue sabers and be the guardians that can put an end to the rage and hatred spread by the red sabers. Lastly, if the blue lightsaber does not align with your force then which color does? Find out about the significance of other colors here.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Who else has a cyan lightsaber?

Other than the series the main protagonist of Star Wars: The Fallen Order series Cal Kestis acquires a cyan lightsaber. However, the lightsaber is also the weapon Vader used to kill him.

What Jedis have blue lightsabers?

Jedi that are guardians of the galaxy yield blue lightsabers. While others like the consular, sentinels yield other colors including green and yellow lightsabers.

Is Luke's saber blue or green?

Luke Skywalker initially built a blue lightsaber that he held in Cloud City. He later replaced it with a green blade attached to the hilt similar to the obi Wan Kenobi’s lightsaber.

Why did the producers change Luke's lightsaber from blue to green?

The blue lightsaber was difficult to see as it blended with the sky. It became particularly obvious during the shooting scene during the day when he rescued Jabba on the Hutt’s sail barge. So the lightsaber was changed to green.

Is Rey's blue lightsaber Anakin's?

The lightsaber that passed from Anakin to Luke and Rey is the same lightsaber. Constructed by Anakin it was used by all the Skywalkers thus known as the blue Skywalker lightsaber.

Why is Obi Wan's lightsaber blue?

Obi Wan’s lightsaber represents his personality and standing with the force. Though the influence of his master, Qui Gon, has much to do with the blue color as well. As a sign of respect to his late master.

What color is Leia's lightsaber?

Falling right into her powerful family legacy Leia joined The Order and trained early. During the training years, she used a blue lightsaber that had the mother of pearl inlays and was silver and copper in color.

How did Rey have 2 blue lightsabers?

It’s not like she had two lightsabers from the start, instead she was left with two when Ben Skywalker used the last of his energy to revive Rey. As Rey had already used her energy to fight off Palpatine.